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DisneyBrony2012's MMPR: The Movie chapter 2
(Back on the plane, the three boys and one girl in question of Christopher were still on the plane, and had been for a while now. They were still chickened out of jumping until the pilot, also known as Yang [from RWBY], told them to get going.)
Yang: Could you guys hurry up? We're runnin' out of fuel!
Benkei: I gotta be the Bull. I'm gonna be the Bull!
Davis: (nervously) Be the Hawk. Be the Hawk.
Akashi: It's Red Robin Time!
Sayaka: It's the Dolphin's time to shine!
Benkei: Come on, everybody! B-b-b-b-bull!
(Then the four jumped off the plane.)
Benkei: (angrily) Hey! Let go of me!
Akashi: (groans) Idiots!
Sayaka: LOOK OUT BELOW!!!!!!
Meanwhile, back down in New York City, our heroes were roller-skating and/or skateboarding through the streets and on the sidewalks. Luckily, they were wearing helmets, elbow pads, and kneepads. Right now, Sora was wearing a white short-sleeved sweatshirt with a hood and a black shirt underneath and two white pockets. Around his nec
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DisneyBrony2012's MMPR: The Movie chapter 1
(The screen fades in as we see that female in a cloak was walking around a room with what look like wall carvings and writings as she spoke.)
Female figure: Centuries ago, a legendary keyblade master named Eraqus and a fowl-like being known as Virgil came to the city of Angel Grove to establish a command center for their never-ending struggle against evil. With the aid of Virgil and their trusted assistants, Roll Light and Clank, the noble Master Eraqus sought ten extraordinary teenagers and gave them the power to transform into a superhuman fighting force. In time of great need, the young heroes could use their powers to call upon colossal assault vehicles known as Zords. The identity of the ten remained a guarded secret. Today, that tradition continues...
'DisneyBrony2012's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie'
(Our story begins in the middle of June in the year 2016, and school had let out recently. To this day, the struggle against evil continued to rage on. But since there was
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Po and Ling-Ling: Hit the Road prologue
After a while of waiting, I am finally going to fanmake one of the greatest Lucasarts video games of all time! If anyone has a suggestion or idea in this parody, lay it on me. I am going to refer the video games and TV show. And now, without further ado, the fanmake!
Prologue: A Stupid Hostage Situation
'Universal Keyblade Productions Presents'
"Friends?!" an angry voice demanded from somewhere in a crazy laboratory. The voice came from an angry man who is standing near some machines, weapons, etc. The man was a rotund person with brown hair, blue eyes wearing a purple trenchcoat over a red outfit with yellow linings, a black bottom and a gray center on where the 'belly button' is. He also wore brown shoes, black pants and white gloves.
"Friends?!" The man yelled again as he glared at his victim, "We have only gone out together three times, and already, you decided you just want to be friends?! How dare you?! You never gave me a chance! And for w
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Freedom Planet stories

Freedom Planet: Planet of the Serpents Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Invited To Dinner
Damian would've been dead if Shade's vicious blade had come anywhere near him. She had moved so fast that he hadn't had time to prepare for her attack. She had moved faster than he could've aimed his EMP blaster and fired at her, and he had trained heavily in the art of gunplay! The cadet had closed his eyes tightly, fearing the dreaded cut that would sever his lifeline forever.
But Shade's blade hadn't come close. Damian heard the sound of a foot hitting metal and he opened his eyes to see that Olaf had actually leapt up and kicked the metal warrior aside! It was surprising to see the Chief Scientist actually stick his neck out for him considering their feud. Shade was thrown aside by the kick but she skidded to a halt, landing perfectly on her feet as if the kick hadn't really been that much for her.
Sparing a moment, Olaf ran over to Damian and looked him over.
"Heavens above sonny, I thought you was a goner then!" he cried.
"I did too!" Damian ye
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 7 29
Freedom Planet: Planet of the Serpents Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Planet of the Serpents
The Viperian fleet cruised silently towards their planet as if they were just casually returning home from a space voyage rather than a big, overblown rescue mission that involved breaking into Coalition HQ and rescuing the Prince of Vipos himself. The occupants inside the ships even felt as if they had done just that, as if their mission earlier had been just a day at the beach for them. That was what made the Viperian race so dangerous to many. They always saw a mission or a task as just a simple job to do and thanks to their gifts at the hands of Lord Brevon, their tasks were often simple. The whole rescue mission had been relatively easy despite the desperate resistance that the puny Chasers had dared to put up. It made Steeljaw wonder why they even bothered trying to fight them since they could never beat them. And even with Brevon's untimely death, they had still managed to beat the Chasers in a fight. And now he was returning home with hi
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 6 37
Freedom Planet: Planet of the Serpents Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Fleeing the Headquarters
Everything seemed to happen too quickly. To Gali’s eyes, she just saw Serpentine lunging towards Torque with his fangs bared and then suddenly, Torque was out of his way and the general was now landing slap-bang onto the floor, having completely missed his target. Having never witnessed a battle involving a Chaser of any rank, size or anything else, she had no idea on what to expect as the fight unfolded before her. She watched as Torque aimed his pistols at Serpentine and opened fire on him. The laser shots blazed out of their barrels and whizzed towards their reptilian target. Serpentine was too fast for the weakened Chaser. He picked himself up and slithered quickly out of the way, moving at a speed that defied even those of a Viperian. Had he not been granted cybernetics, he would’ve been much slower and easier to catch, something that Torque would’ve greatly appreciated.
The Viperian that had accompanied Gali on her way
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 7 55
Freedom Planet: Planet of the Serpents Chapter 3
Chapter 3: The Assault on HQ
Gali had no idea that she would end up in a position like the one she was in now. Fired from her seat due to her prejudiced behaviour and now she was making deals with a cyber-snake. But not just any cyber-snake for that matter, the KING of the cyber-snakes himself! Never before had the rhino-bird like alien thought that such a time would come that this would happen. And yet it was happening right now, almost unbelievably. She was in her ship, flying off back home to her home planet and swearing revenge on the Coalition of Planets for firing her and had run into Steeljaw and his fleet of cyber-snakes. They were here to save Serpentine but the king had decided to make Gali a proposition. A proposition that she couldn’t refuse. She had been swearing vengeance on her former councillors a moment ago so despite herself, she listened as Steeljaw gave her his proposition.
“You’ve been fired from your seat.” he said, his voice almost
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 9 27
Freedom Planet: Planet of the Serpents Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Meeting
The Chaser Fleet suddenly appeared in the black void of space as if they had just been summoned out of thin air by magic. First the flagship appeared and then the rest of the fleet followed as if the whole thing was some amazing magic trick where one ship after another appeared out of nowhere. The fleet had just come out of hyperspace, having sped through millions of miles in a matter of seconds thanks to the prodigious hyper drive engines they were all equipped with. Journeys could be done in seconds, literally seconds, because of those engines. It didn’t matter how far away they were, even if their destination was billions of miles away, the hyper drives would carry the entire fleet over there in seconds or minutes.
It was useful to the Chasers, especially when they had to get to places really quickly. Thanks to their hyper drives, the entire fleet of vessels had made it home to headquarters in 40 seconds. Even then, the Chasers onboard felt as if
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 9 32
Freedom Planet: Planet of the Serpents Chapter 1
Written by me, Mixedfan8643
All characters and concepts belong to :iconspacemanstrife: No copyright infringement needed.
Terra, Damian, Violet, Olaf, Valka and the Cyber-Snakes belong to me
This story takes place between Curse of the Dark Stone and Life in Exile
Chapter 1: Returning to Base
The blue and green planet seemed to shrink in size with every minute that passed by. The single rocket that was flying up and away from the planet cruised silently through the starry void and up towards the fleet of starships that loomed above the planet. There was somebody watching the planet shrink behind the rocket as it continued to ascend, slowly as if wanting its passengers to admire the view while they still could. The planet still looked beautiful to the passenger peering out through the window even though it was getting smaller and smaller. Soon he wouldn’t be able to make out any details and the planet would look like a little speck in the black, starry void of space, m
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 12 34
Freedom Planet: Christmas Is About Forgiveness
Author's Note: This story contains heavy references to my Freedom Planet fanfics "The Christmas Raid", "Curse of the Dark Stone", "The Darkest Day" and "Life in Exile". You must read those before you read this. IMPORTANT. 
Christmas time had arrived for the world of Avalice once again. 
Today was December the 24th, Christmas Eve. Only one day remained before the big day itself. The excitement and thrill that the holidays brought was felt no matter where you walked. The three kingdoms of Avalice were all alive with activity with decorations twinkling and citizens shopping for presents to give to their friends and loved ones. Snow was softly falling, adding a sense of wonder and magic to the already festive scenes all around the three kingdoms. 
Even the territory outside the three kingdoms had some festive cheer to display. There was a treehouse in Dragon Valley that had been nicely decorated up for Christmas. Lights had been hung up around the roof and
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 11 58
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Celebrations
A full hour had passed since the fighting had ended and Shang Tu's Sky Battalion had returned home to Shang Tu. Shuigang's fleet had returned home too sans King Dail's ship. He had wanted to join The Magister for something that he wanted to be a part of before returning to his kingdom so his ship had followed the remainders of Shang Tu's Sky Battalion back to the blue-coloured kingdom. Once everybody had arrived and the fleet was docked, Lilac and friends entered the Royal Palace with General Gong and Neera Li leading them inside. Once they were inside, they were led up to the throne room by the two pandas and Neera knocked on the door. The Magister allowed them in and they entered the room. The Magister and Zao looked evidently pleased to see that everybody had made it back in one piece. They were quick to notice Lilac and Natalya's injuries, especially the former's missing tendrils and thus, The Magister offered to let the two have a moment together in
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 14 101
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Battle of the Dragons
Lilac threw herself to the side as Memphis drew his arm back and hurled his spinning sword at her like a boomerang. It was as if he’d thrown a saw blade at her and it was coming towards her, ready to chop her to pieces. The deadly weapon missed her by inches and ended up pinging harmlessly off of the wall straight back towards Memphis. The fire dragon had had plenty of practice with the dangerous weapon and knew what to do in a situation like this. He stepped to the side and waited for his weapon to hit the floor. The twin-bladed sword hit the floor, stopped spinning and lay down with a clatter after the impact. Memphis picked it up but he didn’t get the sword spinning again. He had trained with the sword well enough to know that making it spin all the time didn’t necessarily mean he was going to win. He had to make it spin when it was necessary, that would make it easier for him to win his battles. He had shown Lilac what it hi
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 13 74
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 8
Chapter 8: War in the Skies
Lilac would never forget the comparative feeling of nervousness that one experiences before a big battle finally begins. She had been in enough battles to experience such a feeling. She’d felt it so much that she’d become used to it and knew that it was merely warning her of what was to come. And it was a warning she took in and stored away as the fight commenced. The teen-dragon’s eyes narrowed as Memphis’s ships came into view, their bows slicing through the night time clouds that shrouded them. She recognized the ship that Zao had allowed her, Carol, Milla and Torque to ride on during the battle with Lord Brevon last year. It stood out from the other ships, much larger and with bigger sails than the rest of them. That was the flagship of the fleet. It was so obviously the flagship that Lilac would have been able to tell even if she’d never seen it before. Memphis had to be onboard that ship. A man with his ego and arro
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 10 99
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Happy Reunions
The crowd that had been forced to watch the first public beheading in years began to cheer for the surprising arrival of Lilac the Dragon Girl. They hadn't expected this to happen at all but were grateful that it had happened. She had single-handedly saved them from having to watch a horrible sight before them and now she was here, she could challenge Memphis and bring him down once and for all so he wouldn't be able to rule over their kingdom any longer. Carol, Milla, Miguel, Lela, Natalya, Neera and Zao were all equally as ecstatic to see their friend again. They hadn't seen Lilac in over a week and now she was back and looking as tough, strong and determined as she ever was. The experience of being in exile hadn't faltered her a bit. Lilac smiled at her friends before glancing over at Memphis. Her eyes were full of hatred and her bound and gagged friends could see it for themselves. They had never seen Lilac look so hateful towards a single person be
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 12 84
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Execution Time
Lilac took a brief moment to wonder how long it would take Shang Mu to repair the damages done to the pathways in the streets by the time this fight was over. There were fist marks punched into the concrete all over from the robots that kept trying to punch her and flatten her into a pancake. The dragon girl was just grateful they had yet to actually damage a building in the battle. She wouldn't have felt very good if they had done.
The disgraced heroine of Avalice had been fighting against the three Shang Mu surveillance drones for a few minutes now and she was beginning to get a little exhausted. She was panting and sweat was dripping down her face. She'd used her best attacks on the robots several times but having to deal with three of them wasn't as easy as taking down one of them. She had to hit each of them and that gave the other robots time to recover as their comrades were being hit. One of them had been blinded earlier but it seemed to be maki
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 11 89
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Coming Back
The Avalicians that stood before the conqueror of Shang Mu knew a tough situation when they faced one. They'd faced many tough situations before and this one was no exception. And to think they'd planned this whole operation so carefully too! They'd sneaked into Shang Mu completely unnoticed and now it looked like they were going to take down Memphis, the dragon had picked up his energy conductor and was now threatening to spray Dark Stone Energy all over himself. He held the cane near his face with a button pressed in. If he released the button, the energy conductor would release its contents all over him and turn him into a Dark Stone Dragon. He knew that would be the case, he was full of negative emotions from head to toe. The energy would feast upon them like a swarm of piranhas. Natalya knew this too, having seen the effects of the Dark Stone on poor Lilac three weeks ago. And it had affected her after she and Brevon had caused her to snap. With Memph
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 12 77
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Infiltration
It was amazing to think how close they had gotten to Shang Mu and they still hadn't been spotted yet. Natalya had crept quietly towards the red-coloured kingdom after she and the rest of the gang had arrived on the outskirts and she had expected to find guards on patrol, looking out for any signs of outsiders hoping to come in and try to take a shot at Memphis. But it seemed that the area was unguarded. It struck Natalya as very odd. Memphis left NOTHING to chance. He wasn't stupid. He wouldn't ever leave a place unguarded. She'd lived with him for many years after joining the dragon cult he'd once been part of and she knew him well enough to know that leaving a place unguarded was not in Memphis's character at all. Her suspicions were soon confirmed as she saw a Red Scarf ninja prowling through the streets, keeping a keen eye out for danger. The ninja's eyes were serious and stern, waiting for the smallest excuse to attack. Natalya could tell from the lo
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 10 59
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 3
Chapter 3: The Old Sage
The two Sumirodons leapt back in surprise as Lilac lunged at them. The two wildlife predators were used to their prey striking back, but not quite like this. Skulking about in the wild day after day, they had never before in their lives encountered a dragon, especially one that moved so fast like this one was doing now. They had only just had time to dodge as Lilac hurled at them, leaping away from the two steel crates full of food that they had found in the forest earlier. The crates were Lilac's food supply that she had stolen from a truck heading to Shang Mu yesterday and she was not interested in sharing it with them. They were her crates and she wanted them back now.
Lilac skidded across the grass as she hurled past the two Sumirodons. They were a little faster than she had expected but the dragon was still convinced that she could take them out. One of the Sumirodons crept towards Lilac, its teeth bared and its eyes full of rage and death. The drago
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 9 69
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Election Day
It was night time in the luxurious house that stood proudly in the centre of Shang Tu, glistening in the moonlight as it shone on its gleaming, aqua-blue paint job. The house was very big, big enough to house several people, and was a very wealthy establishment. There were many rooms, all of them spacious, and there was even a balcony with a beautiful view of the kingdom all around. Every inch of the house was designed to impress and amaze with even the very floors looking somewhat fabulous. Few people would ever have afforded to live in it. It cost several thousand tim-tams and crystal shards to buy. The family that lived in the house was of course, an opulent family. They had done well in their lives and could afford to live in the house and run it. The family was the dragon family. There were three dragons that lived in the house. There was a mother, a father and their ten-year old daughter. Their names were Dawn, Stephen and Lilac. Dawn and Stephen had be
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 9 85

Worlds of Freedom

Worlds of Freedom: Prelude
All Sonic characters belong to SEGA
All Freedom Planet characters belong to GalaxyTrail
Author's note: This story is NOT CANON to Heroes of Mobius or my Freedom Planet fanfic universe. It is canon to the Sonic and Freedom Planet games. Sonic's side is after Generations, Freedom Planet's side is…well, after their first and so far only game of course. :XD:
Act 1
Prelude: Phenomenon
Planet Mobius, 9:30 pm at night…

Night was falling over the world of Mobius once again. The blue skies were replaced by black skies and the sun set down behind the horizon in favour of the moon rising up to take its turn at shining a light over the world. Stars twinkled in place of clouds and darkness fell over every inch of the planet from trees to buildings and villages to cities. Mobius was an extraordinary world, home to humans and humanoid animals known as "Mobians" and was known for its incredulous features such as large cities, expansive jungles and bizarre castles and casino-t
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 23 106
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 1
Act 1
Chapter 1: Villains United
The Death Egg V cruised slowly and steadily towards the strange white portal. As the huge, half-finished, egg-shaped vessel approached the supernatural entity, the portal seemed to be getting bigger and bigger every step of the way. It was as if the portal had realized it had a visitor and was making sure that said visitor would be able to fit through it. This intrigued Dr. Eggman. It was like being invited in, and in such a welcoming manner no less. The Death Egg V would easily be able to traverse the fascinating, unexplained portal to another world. He was still wondering how the thing was able to exist naturally and not be created in anyway. It was a miracle of nature and he was the scientist that was going to study it and find out all he could about it. This could be a scientific breakthrough! Something that he could use to gloat to the scientists of Mobius and make them feel lesser and inferior to his superior genius and intellect! Th
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 19 59
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 2
Act 1
Chapter 2: Double Duel
Lilac screamed as Metal Sonic came hurtling towards her. She jumped out of the way just in time as the killer Sonic robot clone swiped his vicious claws at her, missing her face by millimetres. The dragon even felt the air sweep across her face as her mechanical opponent missed. Whoever this Dr. Eggman fiend was, he certainly had a deadly robot working for him. She even thought that this machine could put even Brevon’s deadliest machines to shame. She jumped back as Metal Sonic landed down on his feet, turned and glowered at his Avalician opponent with his blood-red optics. He knew straight away that he was against a fast opponent, maybe just as fast as or even faster than Sonic himself. He was built to best Sonic and if he could do that, he could surely take out this puny little dragon. After all, she could hardly be any worse than Sonic.
He even took a moment to scan her so he could use any data about her to his advantage, a tactic he
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 12 50
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 3
Act 1
Chapter 3: Worlds Combined
Team Lilac had boarded Torque's rocket and were now flying up into the sky, heading towards the planet's atmosphere. To Lilac, this was kind of exciting and something she was going to enjoy for she'd often wondered about going on a space adventure and thinking of how cool it would be. But sadly, this wasn't an adventure of thrills and wonder, this was a mission to save Avalice so she wouldn't be able to enjoy her time out in space. Hopefully next time she went up into space, she'd be able to enjoy it properly. The sleek rocket cruised up and up into the sky, ploughing through the clouds and climbing on ever higher. The tip of the rocket began to glow as it pushed through the planet's atmosphere. Torque gripped the controls tightly as his spacecraft began to enter the atmosphere. This was always something he would never fully get used to, the shuddering and shaking that happened when a spacecraft went through a planet's atmosphere. He'd don
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 14 56
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 4
Act 1
Chapter 4: Westopolis Mayhem
Meanwhile, Sonic and Lilac had left the fusion of Dragon Valley and Green Hill Zone behind and were now currently searching in an area that looked like somebody had taken Seaside Hill and mixed it up with the snowy mountains that Lilac and friends had had their final battle with Lord Brevon in last month. It was such a bizarre sight to be walking across the beautiful sandy beaches of Seaside Hill only to see snow-blanketed mountains protruding up all around the area. To the two heroes, it felt as if somebody wanted to have summer and winter both at once and had to literally splice a hot and cold climate together in order to get what he wanted. The hedgehog and dragon were currently walking along the beach, searching for their friends. Lilac admired the beautiful scenery around her. She'd seen beaches on Avalice but this one looked extraordinarily attractive, more so than the beaches she'd been on. The sand was perfect and the sea was glo
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 12 57
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 5
Act 2
Chapter 5: The Gang Back Together
"This is unacceptable, completely and utterly unacceptable! How could my nice, lovely city be mixed up with this hideous metropolis out there?! It's a disgrace I tell you! A complete and utter insult to my glorious kingdom!"
The President of Westopolis rolled his eyes for the millionth time as he sat at his desk, trying his hardest to put up with the never-ending complaining and moaning from his rather unwanted and very irritating roommate. He was sharing a room with Mayor Zao, the man in charge of Shang Mu. Zao was a red panda that dressed in wealthy red robes, wore a big red hat and little black shoes. He was somebody who was short in height but big in ego. He was also quite big in annoyance too. Ever since the worlds had combined and the mayor and president had found themselves suddenly sharing a place together for the White House and the Shang Mu Royal Palace had combined together, Zao had done nothing but complain about how muc
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 11 34
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 6
Act 2
Chapter 6: Battlefield
Dr. Eggman and Lord Brevon stared at their screen as the Egg Dreadnought approached the city of Shangopolis. They had surprisingly enough had a very calm and easy-going flight all the way over to the city. They had expected to at least run into somebody that was going to try and stop them or take a shot at them. They had even expected to run into at least Sonic or Lilac on their trip. But they hadn’t come across a single Mobian or Avalician since the fusion process had happened. This had filled them with hope that the whole thing meant that their enemies were already dead and thus, they could inflict terror on the fusion world they had created and have any surviving inhabitants cower before them.
But that hope had been smashed to smithereens as the Egg Dreadnought arrived at Shangopolis. The huge vessel loomed just before the city itself but unfortunately, it wasn't on its own. It had a resistance waiting to receive it and said resistanc
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 12 52
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 7
Act 2
Chapter 7: On The Run
Shangopolis was completely silent as if the entire city was holding its breath and bracing itself for something terrible to come. The streets were empty and all shops and suppliers were closed. The only signs of life around the city were the police and firemen who were trying to deal with the damages that had been done to Shangopolis during the battle with the Egg Dreadnought. Downed jets and wrecked airships lay smouldering in burning wrecks atop of smashed buildings. The whole carnage was the reason why there was nobody about in the city. They were all hiding in their homes or any building they could find and waiting until it was safe to come out again. Even the President and Mayor Zao seemed to know better than to set foot outside at this pressing time. All the surviving G.U.N. and Shang Mu troops had returned to the White House/Royal Palace fusion and had reported to their leaders what had happened. For their leader's safety, they had reque
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 12 42
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 8
Act 2
Chapter 8: Heroes Turned Hunters
Sonic, Lilac and their teams only just had enough time to jump backwards and avoid the laser shots before any of them could hit home. Even then, they were very close to actually being hit as they avoided the attacks. Sonic and Lilac had managed to dodge completely due to their great speeds whereas the others had dodged by centimetres, just feeling the heat of the shots against their feet as they avoided them. None of the heroes were at all surprised at what they were being shot at by as they looked ahead and saw what was attacking them. It was the remaining half of the army that had come to intercept them earlier. And to their bad luck, it was the remaining half that also had Metal Sonic, Orbot and Cubot's beetle mech, known as the Egg Beetle, and Serpentine and Syntax in their mechs. The remaining Egg-Pawns, Flappers, robo-scallops, robo-frogs and alien soldiers would've been fine for the two teams to fight against as they would be
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 11 46
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 9
Act 2
Chapter 9: The Hunt is On
The two hero groups all dived to one side as their corrupted friends came charging towards them. Mecha Lilac and Mutant Sonic both came at their friends like a pair of charging buffaloes with their sharp claws bared and their faces a mask of murder and terror both at once. It was like something out of a nightmare for the Mobians and Avalicians. Seeing Sonic and Lilac corrupted and turned evil was bad enough but now the two were after them was even worse. And both sides had a nasty feeling that the mutated and roboticized hedgehog and dragon weren't in the mood for a friendly chat or anything. They were here to kill and they had made that quite clear from the start. Mecha Lilac and Mutant Sonic skidded to a halt as they missed their targets. As they both turned around, ready to attack again, Tails and Torque both flew towards them. The fox and Chaser were not at all content with what they were going to do but they had no other choice. They h
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 15 59
Worlds of Freedom Chapters 10
Act 3
Chapter 10: The Rescue
Five minutes ago…

Orbot, Cubot and Syntax took in their surroundings with meticulous attention to detail and every piece of land carefully analysed. They had been tasked with finding out if Sonic and Lilac had been trying to frighten their masters by spewing out some conspiracy about the fusion world they now inhabited breaking apart. They were taking this task with the utmost seriousness, not daring to make any mistakes whatsoever. Their masters wouldn't be very lenient on them if they failed. They had been traipsing around the planet for about an hour and they hadn't found anything that suggested the planet was breaking apart. At most, they had come across rather chaotic looking scenes as they observed Shangopolis. There were destroyed buildings, piles of debris and cracked roads all around. They saw the familiar piles of destroyed machines and robots that had fallen in their attempts to kill Sonic, Lilac and their friends. Orbot shudd
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 10 44
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 11
Act 3
Chapter 11: Recuperation Period
Dr. Eggman and Lord Brevon stared at the blank screen before them in utter horror and anger. They knew what the blank screen meant. It meant that visual contact with Mecha Lilac had been terminated and if it had been terminated, it could only mean one thing. They had even seen it before the screen had gone blank, a beam shooting at Mecha Lilac. The moment the beam had hit her, the screen had gone blank. This meant that Lilac had been de-roboticized. And chances were, Sonic had been restored to normal too. Their beautiful plan to terminate their hated enemies had just crumbled to pieces before them. How could this be?! Their plan was brilliant and flawless! How could it have failed so badly?! And without so much as a dead body on their hands?! Eggman looked as if he was about to explode whereas Brevon clenched his teeth and thumped the control panel in anger. There was nothing more annoying to the two then a plan that was going so well
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Worlds of Freedom Chapter 12
Act 3
Chapter 12: Assault
There was something about the feeling of preparing to battle that neither Mobian nor Avalician would forget. The comparative feeling of anxiety and excitement that coursed through their veins as they neared their opponents and prepared to unleash all hell was a feeling that everybody was used to. Some of them enjoyed the feeling. Others tried their best not to get overwhelmed by it and keep their emotions in check. There were even some who had no emotions when it came to a fight at all. Whatever the heroes were feeling, they didn't matter. Only Eggman and Brevon's defeat mattered and they were there to stop them and restore their doomed worlds before endgame could arrive.
Sonic and Lilac were at the front of the huge army that loomed behind them, waiting to open fire. Thanks to the two keeping their memories of their time as Mecha Lilac and Mutant Sonic, the hedgehog and dragon knew where they were going as they led their teams and armies to the
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Worlds of Freedom Chapter 13
Act 3
Chapter 13: Cancelling the Apocalypse
Despite the heavy onslaughts that the Egg Dreadnought had been receiving, particularly the one that had caused a huge chunk of the front of the ship to be blown out and the control room to be utterly obliterated, two people onboard the ship were completely oblivious about the whole thing. Mainly because they had other concerns to deal with at this moment. Concerns that meant they could hardly afford to worry about anything else at this time.
Dr. Eggman and Lord Brevon were engaged in a brutal battle with one another, both villains fighting for the fates of Mobius and Avalice. One wanted to save them, the other wanted them to destroy each other as they tried to separate and break free of the limbo they were trapped in. And given how big the stakes were, neither Eggman nor Brevon dared to go easy on one another. If they wanted to win this battle, they had to give it their all.
The vicious alien swept across the floor as he charged
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Worlds of Freedom Epilogue
Act 3
Epilogue: Restoration
Sonic the Hedgehog found himself suddenly jolting awake as if he’d come out of a dream. He sat up in his bed and took a look around, slightly panting. He was in his own room. Everything was exactly the way it had been the last time he saw it. That was strange. It felt as if the whole crossing over with Avalice had been nothing more than a dream. But had it been a dream? Sonic wasn’t so sure about that. He remembered everything as clear as daylight from when he first met Lilac to meeting her other friends and even sharing lunch with Lilac. That had all been real, he knew that.
The hedgehog smoothed his fur and swung his legs over the side of the bed. If he was here, back in his own room, in his own home…then that had to mean that the Chaos Control he and Lilac had initiated with the Kingdom Emerald had worked. A tiny doubt nagged him in the back of his head. Did it fail and what he was going to see outside was heaven instead of
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Anna by Doctor-Awkward
Mature content
Anna :icondoctor-awkward:Doctor-Awkward 28 12
Hilda by Doctor-Awkward
Mature content
Hilda :icondoctor-awkward:Doctor-Awkward 21 2
Bunny of the Week #32 - Trixie Tang by Doctor-Awkward
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Bunny of the Week #32 - Trixie Tang :icondoctor-awkward:Doctor-Awkward 20 6
Fluffy Ami Yumi by Doctor-Awkward
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Fluffy Ami Yumi :icondoctor-awkward:Doctor-Awkward 18 6
I'm a failure by ninpeachlover I'm a failure :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 89 86
Happy 25th Birthday, Kirby!
...which means 25 years of Kirby! SBB Icons (Kirby)
Kirby icon.3Kirby icon.8Kirby icon.5Kirby icon.2Kirby icon.6Kirby icon.4Kirby icon.11Kirby icon.7Kirby icon.9
Happy Birthday, Kirby... 
<da:emoticon id="477542145" profile="deviation">
:iconpogorikifan10:PogorikiFan10 1 2
Kirby's 25th Anniversary! by DrizzlyScroll1996 Kirby's 25th Anniversary! :icondrizzlyscroll1996:DrizzlyScroll1996 13 11 Ron Stoppable's Pokemon team by darthraner83 Ron Stoppable's Pokemon team :icondarthraner83:darthraner83 3 0 Sailor Wonderland by LadyIlona1984 Sailor Wonderland :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 23 2 HM Alice in Asylum by LadyIlona1984
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HM Alice in Asylum :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 6 3
HM Alice by LadyIlona1984
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HM Alice :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 9 5
Alice Liddell by LadyIlona1984 Alice Liddell :iconladyilona1984:LadyIlona1984 29 21 Roll in Megaman suit by Muggyy Roll in Megaman suit :iconmuggyy:Muggyy 72 35 Double Buster! by GreenDiablo Double Buster! :icongreendiablo:GreenDiablo 6 0 A Twist in Time by 3D4D A Twist in Time :icon3d4d:3D4D 27 15 Dark Kahn Fan by WOLFBLADE111 Dark Kahn Fan :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 7 0

I wanted to add Smokescreen to Ben 10: Evolution, but I don't know which one to use. What do you think? 

7 deviants said Both (If that's the case, maybe we should work something out.)
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If this were a dream, I DO NOT WANNA WAKE UP AT ALL!!! They officially confirmed this in Pokemon Sun and Moon: SERENA IS COMING BACK, AND SHE AND ASH ARE GONNA BE A COUPLE!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I can't contain my excitement! :excited: Are You Happy Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote Sayaka Maizono (Excited) [V2] :hyper: Pokemon - Pichu [Excited] [V.1] It's Time Toys R Us - Excite Poppy Icon BUT I CAN! Excitement Fangirling excited Scrooge MLP Applejack (Excited) Plz Excited Bonnie Pokemon XY Starfire -Very happy! Jenny Emoticon 4 :iconraritydelightedplz: MLP Spike (Happy) Plz Fluttershy cheer - yay 
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy MLP Indigo Zap (Happy) Plz Marble is happy MLP Bon Bon (Happy 2) Plz Pinkie Pie #3 Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz Pinkie Pie (Big Smile) mlp season 6 Apple bloom jumping Yui Exicted Icon [ Icon #4 ] Yui Hirasawa Yui Happy Sparkles Icon Azusa Smiles Icon Happy Mio Emote Tsumugi Kotobuki (Mhmm) [V1] Ritsu Tainaka (We'll make money) [V1]
Sailor Arlia
Here is the other girl friend of Molly's who almost never had much screen time in the series; Brandy Shelton (last name made up by my brother; her Japanese name is Yumiko). She is known as Sailor Arlia, named after New Arlia (a planet inhabited by intergalactic beings who respect heroes from different planets).

"Arlia Star Power!"

Arlia Anima Laser Shot [motions similar to Venus Crescent Beam Smash]
Arlia Quicksilver Slash [uses sword; motions similar to Uranus's Space Sword Blaster]
Arlia Flower Chain Strike [motions similar to Venus Love Chain and Circle]
Sailor Metamor
Two more Sailor Scouts requested to me by my brother; two more friends and schoolmates of Molly's, who almost never had much screen time in the series, join the party. First is Kari Anthony (last name made up by my brother; her Japanese name is Kuri). She is known as Sailor Metamor.

"Metamor Star Power!"

Metamor Blizzard Gale [motions similar to Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze]
Metamor Arctic Subterfuge [motions similar to Moon Scepter Elimination]
Metamor Tempest Snowslide [powers similar to Kumamon's Blizzard Blaster]
Darkwarrior Duck
I have a strong feeling that it won't happen in Darkwing Beyond, but nonetheless, I think :iconakumath: would like this sprite sheet.

Just last night, my brother and I thought of something brilliant for Darkwing Beyond. If the original Darkwing Duck- Drake Mallard- were to be revived and learn about Gosalyn taking his place as the new Darkwing Duck, he'd be proud of her and let her carry on his legacy. And yet, he'd still want to help protect St. Canard. So he decided to don a new superhero gimmick known as Darkwarrior Duck. Don't worry, he won't be extremely violent or corrupt unlike the one from that alternate universe. Anyway, seeing how mature and grown up his daughter is nowadays, Darkwarrior Duck would be Gosalyn's mentor and teammate, greatly approving everything she does, including becoming a member of a superhero team like HIRO. Sure, he's upset about how the Thunderquack plane was destroyed and such (scolding her for that), but he cleaned up her mess, as thanks to the technological part of his brain, he developed a new and better plane; the Thunderquack Mk II, a very intimidating (to many criminals) duck-billed plane equipped with weapons, along with the ability to turn into a tank. Just like Negaduck (in Darkwing Beyond), his eyes tend to change color with his emotions (like red with rage). When he learned that Negaduck and Liquidator still live with the new Fearsome Five members, Darkwarrior Duck vows to bring them to justice alongside his daughter and her allies. He was surprised that one of those allies is the son of Bushroot, who is not at all a villain. Nevertheless, he accepts him for who and what he is.

This Darkwing cyborg was made by the team effort of Samuel Featherquack and S.H.U.S.H., made to surprise Gosalyn, Honker and those who are connected to him in more ways than one.

Hope you like it, akumath!

UPDATE: First of all, I think I'll need someone to make up a better-looking Ratcrusher Tank. Second, I added more poses to this sprite sheet, a portion of it thanks to :iconvictinirus:! And finally, I made a better smoke teleport appearance, with courtesy of sprites from the Dropsy game!

UPDATE 2: I have now given Darkwarrior Duck an Airboard of his own, meaning he can Airboard just like his daughter! Plus, I added the updated sprites made by VictiniRUS, and I gave him a hover cycle.
I wish someone could provide me with sprites of the Ratcrusher Tank.
Darkwarrior Duck's Tank by Ms-Liz-Shadow


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