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School Daze part 2 Remake, part 2
Silverstream peeked over a cart before Smolder popped up behind her and heaved a pillow toward the puckwudgies, who wasted no time in shooting it full of holes.
Smolder flew back to her friends as she said, "Think, Ocellus! Did Professor Fluttershy say anything about how to beat puckwudgies in her lecture?"
After thinking hard, Ocellus sighed and replied, "I'm sorry, I can't remember!"
Looking concerned, Gallus said out loud, "I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's not pillows, apples..." The blue griffon grabbed a cupcake from the ground and held it up before the sound of quills launching was heard. Then when he pulled down the cupcake, the group saw that the treat was now bristling with quills as Gallus finished, "...or cupcakes."
"Wouldn't class have been about how to make friends with them?" Silverstream asked in worry.
"Uh, guys?" Sandbar asked in concern, They're getting really close." The green pony was right, the puckwudgies were nearing the helpless students.
"Yona not scared!" Yon
:icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 4 11
School Daze part 2 Remake, part 1
It has been a while since Twilight's School of Friendship was shut down by order of the EEA, thanks to Neighsay, who everypony and everycreature sees is a bigot towards almost every other creature. Twilight has been residing in her bedchamber on the bed itself, piled high with a jumble of random pillows. Others litter the floor, and the doors and all the curtains were closed. A sad melody was playing from a crank-operated phonograph on the nightstand. And Nyx's wailing was barely heard under the pillows, too, as if she was trying to isolate herself from sight as well.
"Twilight?" Spike asked as he, Ben and Phobos opened one door to peek in. "You feeling okay?"
"Twiley? Nyx?" Ben asked in worry for his love and his daughter. "Come on, please come out and speak to us."
A long groan in Twilight's voice issues from somewhere within the mound of pillows. Spike lifted the needle off the record to cut off the music, then removed one pillow to unearth her face. Her mane was a wreck, the tears
:icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 4 3
School Daze part 1 Remake, part 2
Moments later, in a large round office that Twilight and Ben claimed as their own, the rest of the Mane Six and the rest of the Stallion Six were voicing a scramble of complaints as Twilight sat behind her desk. Rarity shedded her schoolteacher outfit and undid the bun in her mane, and Rainbow drove her point home by showing a crude sketch of herself wearing her mortarboard and holding a book, the top of her cranium cracked open to play up the 'egghead' angle. The others went quiet as she spoke.
"I don't look like that, do I?" Rainbow asked in concern. Pinkie let out a snore, but woke up quickly in alarm and shook her head clear as Twilight spoke.
"I get it." Twilight said with a smile as Spike climbed onto the desk, "Things are getting off to a rougher start than expected. But that's okay."
Spike turned the purple alicorn's head to face him straight on and then asked her dryly while glaring at her nose-to-nose, "Who are you and what have you done with Twilight Sp
:icondisneybrony2012:DisneyBrony2012 4 13
School Daze part 1 Remake, part 1
"See? Look! Look at this! Mommy, Daddy, girls, look at the map!"
It has been a few weeks since the Mane Six, Ben Valorheart, Nyx and Phobos encountered the Storm King, his goons, and Tempest Shadow and saved Equestria once again, making new friends, visiting new places and going through some obstacles along the way. They were glad Tempest Shadow changed her ways, realizing how wrong she was in trusting the Storm King. Sure, Nyx wished there was a way to fix Tempest's broken horn, but her grandmother Princess Celestia assured her that they will find a way to fix Tempest's horn somehow.
Right now, in the throne room of the Castle of Friendship, Nyx and Phobos were urgently showing the former's parents, her honorary aunts, Starlight Glimmer and Spike the central table, which grew about a size or two, and a few new geographical features manifested themselves on the shimmery blue surface, the most noticeable of these being a sizable patch that has gone dull gray.
Megan, the ponies' human fr
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Freedom Planet stories

Freedom Planet: Darkside: Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Worlds Collide
Team Lilac fell silent for a long time. It seemed almost incredulous to believe it but here they were, actually seeing alternate versions of themselves! No dream, no joke, no anything! This was really happening, plain and simple! They had just teleported right in front of them and the three girls that had come from nowhere bared heavy resemblance to Lilac and her two friends! Not only that, they had two pandas with them that resembled General Gong and Neera Li too! It took a while for this all to settle in for something as incredible as this doesn't just simply pass over one's head in a brief second or so. Lavender began to feel uncomfortable with this silence that seemed to just stretch on and on so she cleared her throat to break it.
"Yes, I know, it's quite shocking isn't it? I imagine you're um...very perplexed at this." she said sheepishly.
"Just a little..." Lilac admitted, "Though then again, I shouldn't really. I mean Torque here proved to us th
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 12 58
Freedom Planet: Darkside: Chapter 2
Chapter 2: No Freedom On This Planet
Avalon, once a peaceful and prosperous world beloved by its residents. Once a proud planet rich with history and full of life everywhere you went. A few years ago, any multiverse traveller would've had no trouble at all identifying this world as an alternate version of Avalice. It had the same beauty and majesty that that planet contained.
That was only a year ago. As of now, the world was nothing like what it had once been.
Only a year had passed since Draven's invasion and yet it felt like so much had changed in only that amount of time. Avalon was no longer the kind of world that it had been twelve months ago. In fact, for some of the people of no longer felt recognizable to them. It was as if they had been taken from their planet and placed on another one.
It had all started with the aftermath of Draven's attack. Lavender had seen first hand the damage that had been caused by Draven's invasion. Many of the villages outside of
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 9 74
Freedom Planet Darkside: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Catching A Break
Avalice Prime, now...

To say that Lilac the Dragon Girl of Avalice had had it rough wasn't much of an exaggeration. The past three weeks had been among some of the most eventful, stressful and emotionally tiring weeks for the dragon and her friends. After they'd last met the alien Chaser named Torque, they had been granting him goodbye as he was taken back to the Coalition of Planets to be healed. He had been brutally injured by Lord Brevon in battle although thankfully, Brevon had been the one to get the worst of it for Lilac had eventually managed to kill him. It hadn't done much though for after the Dark Stone's effects had turned Lilac into a monster of a dragon that went on a rampage, her reputation had been shattered and people had become afraid of her.
It was made even worse when Lilac's wicked uncle, Memphis the Fire Dragon, had initiated a complex but brilliant stratagem that had led to the teen being exiled from the three kingdom
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 15 29
Freedom Planet: Darkside: Prologue
By Mixedfan8643 and IvoRobotnikSBZ
Author's note: This story takes place after Life in Exile and Planet of the Serpents.
Planet Avalon, an alternate version of Avalice...
Like many that have taken in place in history, it can change people in the worst way possible. War could take anyone who may have started out as optimistic, happy and carefree and turn them into traumatized, cynical and depressed individuals who are forever damaged and can never be repaired. War was going to change three individuals very shortly. War was happening now.
A huge alien warship was hovering above the vast, luxurious kingdom that was Shang Tu, the city's normally sparkling blue appearance darkened by the shadow of the ship that loomed above. All the citizens in the kingdom were terrified, including the rulers of the kingdom. They all stared up, not sure whether to run and scream for help or watch and wait. The kingdom was huge, a large city surrounded by a sl
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 19 53
Freedom Planet: Planet of the Serpents Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Invited To Dinner
Damian would've been dead if Shade's vicious blade had come anywhere near him. She had moved so fast that he hadn't had time to prepare for her attack. She had moved faster than he could've aimed his EMP blaster and fired at her, and he had trained heavily in the art of gunplay! The cadet had closed his eyes tightly, fearing the dreaded cut that would sever his lifeline forever.
But Shade's blade hadn't come close. Damian heard the sound of a foot hitting metal and he opened his eyes to see that Olaf had actually leapt up and kicked the metal warrior aside! It was surprising to see the Chief Scientist actually stick his neck out for him considering their feud. Shade was thrown aside by the kick but she skidded to a halt, landing perfectly on her feet as if the kick hadn't really been that much for her.
Sparing a moment, Olaf ran over to Damian and looked him over.
"Heavens above sonny, I thought you was a goner then!" he cried.
"I did too!" Damian ye
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 7 31
Freedom Planet: Planet of the Serpents Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Planet of the Serpents
The Viperian fleet cruised silently towards their planet as if they were just casually returning home from a space voyage rather than a big, overblown rescue mission that involved breaking into Coalition HQ and rescuing the Prince of Vipos himself. The occupants inside the ships even felt as if they had done just that, as if their mission earlier had been just a day at the beach for them. That was what made the Viperian race so dangerous to many. They always saw a mission or a task as just a simple job to do and thanks to their gifts at the hands of Lord Brevon, their tasks were often simple. The whole rescue mission had been relatively easy despite the desperate resistance that the puny Chasers had dared to put up. It made Steeljaw wonder why they even bothered trying to fight them since they could never beat them. And even with Brevon's untimely death, they had still managed to beat the Chasers in a fight. And now he was returning home with hi
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 6 37
Freedom Planet: Planet of the Serpents Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Fleeing the Headquarters
Everything seemed to happen too quickly. To Gali’s eyes, she just saw Serpentine lunging towards Torque with his fangs bared and then suddenly, Torque was out of his way and the general was now landing slap-bang onto the floor, having completely missed his target. Having never witnessed a battle involving a Chaser of any rank, size or anything else, she had no idea on what to expect as the fight unfolded before her. She watched as Torque aimed his pistols at Serpentine and opened fire on him. The laser shots blazed out of their barrels and whizzed towards their reptilian target. Serpentine was too fast for the weakened Chaser. He picked himself up and slithered quickly out of the way, moving at a speed that defied even those of a Viperian. Had he not been granted cybernetics, he would’ve been much slower and easier to catch, something that Torque would’ve greatly appreciated.
The Viperian that had accompanied Gali on her way
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 8 55
Freedom Planet: Planet of the Serpents Chapter 3
Chapter 3: The Assault on HQ
Gali had no idea that she would end up in a position like the one she was in now. Fired from her seat due to her prejudiced behaviour and now she was making deals with a cyber-snake. But not just any cyber-snake for that matter, the KING of the cyber-snakes himself! Never before had the rhino-bird like alien thought that such a time would come that this would happen. And yet it was happening right now, almost unbelievably. She was in her ship, flying off back home to her home planet and swearing revenge on the Coalition of Planets for firing her and had run into Steeljaw and his fleet of cyber-snakes. They were here to save Serpentine but the king had decided to make Gali a proposition. A proposition that she couldn’t refuse. She had been swearing vengeance on her former councillors a moment ago so despite herself, she listened as Steeljaw gave her his proposition.
“You’ve been fired from your seat.” he said, his voice almost
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 9 27
Freedom Planet: Planet of the Serpents Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Meeting
The Chaser Fleet suddenly appeared in the black void of space as if they had just been summoned out of thin air by magic. First the flagship appeared and then the rest of the fleet followed as if the whole thing was some amazing magic trick where one ship after another appeared out of nowhere. The fleet had just come out of hyperspace, having sped through millions of miles in a matter of seconds thanks to the prodigious hyper drive engines they were all equipped with. Journeys could be done in seconds, literally seconds, because of those engines. It didn’t matter how far away they were, even if their destination was billions of miles away, the hyper drives would carry the entire fleet over there in seconds or minutes.
It was useful to the Chasers, especially when they had to get to places really quickly. Thanks to their hyper drives, the entire fleet of vessels had made it home to headquarters in 40 seconds. Even then, the Chasers onboard felt as if
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 9 32
Freedom Planet: Planet of the Serpents Chapter 1
Written by me, Mixedfan8643
All characters and concepts belong to :iconspacemanstrife: No copyright infringement needed.
Terra, Damian, Violet, Olaf, Valka and the Cyber-Snakes belong to me
This story takes place between Curse of the Dark Stone and Life in Exile
Chapter 1: Returning to Base
The blue and green planet seemed to shrink in size with every minute that passed by. The single rocket that was flying up and away from the planet cruised silently through the starry void and up towards the fleet of starships that loomed above the planet. There was somebody watching the planet shrink behind the rocket as it continued to ascend, slowly as if wanting its passengers to admire the view while they still could. The planet still looked beautiful to the passenger peering out through the window even though it was getting smaller and smaller. Soon he wouldn’t be able to make out any details and the planet would look like a little speck in the black, starry void of space, m
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 13 34
Freedom Planet: Christmas Is About Forgiveness
Author's Note: This story contains heavy references to my Freedom Planet fanfics "The Christmas Raid", "Curse of the Dark Stone", "The Darkest Day" and "Life in Exile". You must read those before you read this. IMPORTANT. 
Christmas time had arrived for the world of Avalice once again. 
Today was December the 24th, Christmas Eve. Only one day remained before the big day itself. The excitement and thrill that the holidays brought was felt no matter where you walked. The three kingdoms of Avalice were all alive with activity with decorations twinkling and citizens shopping for presents to give to their friends and loved ones. Snow was softly falling, adding a sense of wonder and magic to the already festive scenes all around the three kingdoms. 
Even the territory outside the three kingdoms had some festive cheer to display. There was a treehouse in Dragon Valley that had been nicely decorated up for Christmas. Lights had been hung up around the roof and
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 13 64
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Celebrations
A full hour had passed since the fighting had ended and Shang Tu's Sky Battalion had returned home to Shang Tu. Shuigang's fleet had returned home too sans King Dail's ship. He had wanted to join The Magister for something that he wanted to be a part of before returning to his kingdom so his ship had followed the remainders of Shang Tu's Sky Battalion back to the blue-coloured kingdom. Once everybody had arrived and the fleet was docked, Lilac and friends entered the Royal Palace with General Gong and Neera Li leading them inside. Once they were inside, they were led up to the throne room by the two pandas and Neera knocked on the door. The Magister allowed them in and they entered the room. The Magister and Zao looked evidently pleased to see that everybody had made it back in one piece. They were quick to notice Lilac and Natalya's injuries, especially the former's missing tendrils and thus, The Magister offered to let the two have a moment together in
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 20 104
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Battle of the Dragons
Lilac threw herself to the side as Memphis drew his arm back and hurled his spinning sword at her like a boomerang. It was as if he’d thrown a saw blade at her and it was coming towards her, ready to chop her to pieces. The deadly weapon missed her by inches and ended up pinging harmlessly off of the wall straight back towards Memphis. The fire dragon had had plenty of practice with the dangerous weapon and knew what to do in a situation like this. He stepped to the side and waited for his weapon to hit the floor. The twin-bladed sword hit the floor, stopped spinning and lay down with a clatter after the impact. Memphis picked it up but he didn’t get the sword spinning again. He had trained with the sword well enough to know that making it spin all the time didn’t necessarily mean he was going to win. He had to make it spin when it was necessary, that would make it easier for him to win his battles. He had shown Lilac what it hi
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 17 74
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 8
Chapter 8: War in the Skies
Lilac would never forget the comparative feeling of nervousness that one experiences before a big battle finally begins. She had been in enough battles to experience such a feeling. She’d felt it so much that she’d become used to it and knew that it was merely warning her of what was to come. And it was a warning she took in and stored away as the fight commenced. The teen-dragon’s eyes narrowed as Memphis’s ships came into view, their bows slicing through the night time clouds that shrouded them. She recognized the ship that Zao had allowed her, Carol, Milla and Torque to ride on during the battle with Lord Brevon last year. It stood out from the other ships, much larger and with bigger sails than the rest of them. That was the flagship of the fleet. It was so obviously the flagship that Lilac would have been able to tell even if she’d never seen it before. Memphis had to be onboard that ship. A man with his ego and arro
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 15 99
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Happy Reunions
The crowd that had been forced to watch the first public beheading in years began to cheer for the surprising arrival of Lilac the Dragon Girl. They hadn't expected this to happen at all but were grateful that it had happened. She had single-handedly saved them from having to watch a horrible sight before them and now she was here, she could challenge Memphis and bring him down once and for all so he wouldn't be able to rule over their kingdom any longer. Carol, Milla, Miguel, Lela, Natalya, Neera and Zao were all equally as ecstatic to see their friend again. They hadn't seen Lilac in over a week and now she was back and looking as tough, strong and determined as she ever was. The experience of being in exile hadn't faltered her a bit. Lilac smiled at her friends before glancing over at Memphis. Her eyes were full of hatred and her bound and gagged friends could see it for themselves. They had never seen Lilac look so hateful towards a single person be
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 17 84
Freedom Planet: Life in Exile Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Execution Time
Lilac took a brief moment to wonder how long it would take Shang Mu to repair the damages done to the pathways in the streets by the time this fight was over. There were fist marks punched into the concrete all over from the robots that kept trying to punch her and flatten her into a pancake. The dragon girl was just grateful they had yet to actually damage a building in the battle. She wouldn't have felt very good if they had done.
The disgraced heroine of Avalice had been fighting against the three Shang Mu surveillance drones for a few minutes now and she was beginning to get a little exhausted. She was panting and sweat was dripping down her face. She'd used her best attacks on the robots several times but having to deal with three of them wasn't as easy as taking down one of them. She had to hit each of them and that gave the other robots time to recover as their comrades were being hit. One of them had been blinded earlier but it seemed to be maki
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 15 89

Worlds of Freedom

Worlds of Freedom: Prelude
All Sonic characters belong to SEGA
All Freedom Planet characters belong to GalaxyTrail
Author's note: This story is NOT CANON to Heroes of Mobius or my Freedom Planet fanfic universe. It is canon to the Sonic and Freedom Planet games. Sonic's side is after Generations, Freedom Planet's side is…well, after their first and so far only game of course. :XD:
Act 1
Prelude: Phenomenon
Planet Mobius, 9:30 pm at night…

Night was falling over the world of Mobius once again. The blue skies were replaced by black skies and the sun set down behind the horizon in favour of the moon rising up to take its turn at shining a light over the world. Stars twinkled in place of clouds and darkness fell over every inch of the planet from trees to buildings and villages to cities. Mobius was an extraordinary world, home to humans and humanoid animals known as "Mobians" and was known for its incredulous features such as large cities, expansive jungles and bizarre castles and casino-t
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 29 106
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 1
Act 1
Chapter 1: Villains United
The Death Egg V cruised slowly and steadily towards the strange white portal. As the huge, half-finished, egg-shaped vessel approached the supernatural entity, the portal seemed to be getting bigger and bigger every step of the way. It was as if the portal had realized it had a visitor and was making sure that said visitor would be able to fit through it. This intrigued Dr. Eggman. It was like being invited in, and in such a welcoming manner no less. The Death Egg V would easily be able to traverse the fascinating, unexplained portal to another world. He was still wondering how the thing was able to exist naturally and not be created in anyway. It was a miracle of nature and he was the scientist that was going to study it and find out all he could about it. This could be a scientific breakthrough! Something that he could use to gloat to the scientists of Mobius and make them feel lesser and inferior to his superior genius and intellect! Th
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 25 63
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 2
Act 1
Chapter 2: Double Duel
Lilac screamed as Metal Sonic came hurtling towards her. She jumped out of the way just in time as the killer Sonic robot clone swiped his vicious claws at her, missing her face by millimetres. The dragon even felt the air sweep across her face as her mechanical opponent missed. Whoever this Dr. Eggman fiend was, he certainly had a deadly robot working for him. She even thought that this machine could put even Brevon’s deadliest machines to shame. She jumped back as Metal Sonic landed down on his feet, turned and glowered at his Avalician opponent with his blood-red optics. He knew straight away that he was against a fast opponent, maybe just as fast as or even faster than Sonic himself. He was built to best Sonic and if he could do that, he could surely take out this puny little dragon. After all, she could hardly be any worse than Sonic.
He even took a moment to scan her so he could use any data about her to his advantage, a tactic he
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 14 50
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 3
Act 1
Chapter 3: Worlds Combined
Team Lilac had boarded Torque's rocket and were now flying up into the sky, heading towards the planet's atmosphere. To Lilac, this was kind of exciting and something she was going to enjoy for she'd often wondered about going on a space adventure and thinking of how cool it would be. But sadly, this wasn't an adventure of thrills and wonder, this was a mission to save Avalice so she wouldn't be able to enjoy her time out in space. Hopefully next time she went up into space, she'd be able to enjoy it properly. The sleek rocket cruised up and up into the sky, ploughing through the clouds and climbing on ever higher. The tip of the rocket began to glow as it pushed through the planet's atmosphere. Torque gripped the controls tightly as his spacecraft began to enter the atmosphere. This was always something he would never fully get used to, the shuddering and shaking that happened when a spacecraft went through a planet's atmosphere. He'd don
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 17 59
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 4
Act 1
Chapter 4: Westopolis Mayhem
Meanwhile, Sonic and Lilac had left the fusion of Dragon Valley and Green Hill Zone behind and were now currently searching in an area that looked like somebody had taken Seaside Hill and mixed it up with the snowy mountains that Lilac and friends had had their final battle with Lord Brevon in last month. It was such a bizarre sight to be walking across the beautiful sandy beaches of Seaside Hill only to see snow-blanketed mountains protruding up all around the area. To the two heroes, it felt as if somebody wanted to have summer and winter both at once and had to literally splice a hot and cold climate together in order to get what he wanted. The hedgehog and dragon were currently walking along the beach, searching for their friends. Lilac admired the beautiful scenery around her. She'd seen beaches on Avalice but this one looked extraordinarily attractive, more so than the beaches she'd been on. The sand was perfect and the sea was glo
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 14 57
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 5
Act 2
Chapter 5: The Gang Back Together
"This is unacceptable, completely and utterly unacceptable! How could my nice, lovely city be mixed up with this hideous metropolis out there?! It's a disgrace I tell you! A complete and utter insult to my glorious kingdom!"
The President of Westopolis rolled his eyes for the millionth time as he sat at his desk, trying his hardest to put up with the never-ending complaining and moaning from his rather unwanted and very irritating roommate. He was sharing a room with Mayor Zao, the man in charge of Shang Mu. Zao was a red panda that dressed in wealthy red robes, wore a big red hat and little black shoes. He was somebody who was short in height but big in ego. He was also quite big in annoyance too. Ever since the worlds had combined and the mayor and president had found themselves suddenly sharing a place together for the White House and the Shang Mu Royal Palace had combined together, Zao had done nothing but complain about how muc
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 14 34
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 6
Act 2
Chapter 6: Battlefield
Dr. Eggman and Lord Brevon stared at their screen as the Egg Dreadnought approached the city of Shangopolis. They had surprisingly enough had a very calm and easy-going flight all the way over to the city. They had expected to at least run into somebody that was going to try and stop them or take a shot at them. They had even expected to run into at least Sonic or Lilac on their trip. But they hadn’t come across a single Mobian or Avalician since the fusion process had happened. This had filled them with hope that the whole thing meant that their enemies were already dead and thus, they could inflict terror on the fusion world they had created and have any surviving inhabitants cower before them.
But that hope had been smashed to smithereens as the Egg Dreadnought arrived at Shangopolis. The huge vessel loomed just before the city itself but unfortunately, it wasn't on its own. It had a resistance waiting to receive it and said resistanc
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 14 52
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 7
Act 2
Chapter 7: On The Run
Shangopolis was completely silent as if the entire city was holding its breath and bracing itself for something terrible to come. The streets were empty and all shops and suppliers were closed. The only signs of life around the city were the police and firemen who were trying to deal with the damages that had been done to Shangopolis during the battle with the Egg Dreadnought. Downed jets and wrecked airships lay smouldering in burning wrecks atop of smashed buildings. The whole carnage was the reason why there was nobody about in the city. They were all hiding in their homes or any building they could find and waiting until it was safe to come out again. Even the President and Mayor Zao seemed to know better than to set foot outside at this pressing time. All the surviving G.U.N. and Shang Mu troops had returned to the White House/Royal Palace fusion and had reported to their leaders what had happened. For their leader's safety, they had reque
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 13 44
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 8
Act 2
Chapter 8: Heroes Turned Hunters
Sonic, Lilac and their teams only just had enough time to jump backwards and avoid the laser shots before any of them could hit home. Even then, they were very close to actually being hit as they avoided the attacks. Sonic and Lilac had managed to dodge completely due to their great speeds whereas the others had dodged by centimetres, just feeling the heat of the shots against their feet as they avoided them. None of the heroes were at all surprised at what they were being shot at by as they looked ahead and saw what was attacking them. It was the remaining half of the army that had come to intercept them earlier. And to their bad luck, it was the remaining half that also had Metal Sonic, Orbot and Cubot's beetle mech, known as the Egg Beetle, and Serpentine and Syntax in their mechs. The remaining Egg-Pawns, Flappers, robo-scallops, robo-frogs and alien soldiers would've been fine for the two teams to fight against as they would be
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 12 46
Worlds of Freedom Chapter 9
Act 2
Chapter 9: The Hunt is On
The two hero groups all dived to one side as their corrupted friends came charging towards them. Mecha Lilac and Mutant Sonic both came at their friends like a pair of charging buffaloes with their sharp claws bared and their faces a mask of murder and terror both at once. It was like something out of a nightmare for the Mobians and Avalicians. Seeing Sonic and Lilac corrupted and turned evil was bad enough but now the two were after them was even worse. And both sides had a nasty feeling that the mutated and roboticized hedgehog and dragon weren't in the mood for a friendly chat or anything. They were here to kill and they had made that quite clear from the start. Mecha Lilac and Mutant Sonic skidded to a halt as they missed their targets. As they both turned around, ready to attack again, Tails and Torque both flew towards them. The fox and Chaser were not at all content with what they were going to do but they had no other choice. They h
:iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 15 59
Worlds of Freedom Chapters 10
Act 3
Chapter 10: The Rescue
Five minutes ago…

Orbot, Cubot and Syntax took in their surroundings with meticulous attention to detail and every piece of land carefully analysed. They had been tasked with finding out if Sonic and Lilac had been trying to frighten their masters by spewing out some conspiracy about the fusion world they now inhabited breaking apart. They were taking this task with the utmost seriousness, not daring to make any mistakes whatsoever. Their masters wouldn't be very lenient on them if they failed. They had been traipsing around the planet for about an hour and they hadn't found anything that suggested the planet was breaking apart. At most, they had come across rather chaotic looking scenes as they observed Shangopolis. There were destroyed buildings, piles of debris and cracked roads all around. They saw the familiar piles of destroyed machines and robots that had fallen in their attempts to kill Sonic, Lilac and their friends. Orbot shudd
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Worlds of Freedom Chapter 11
Act 3
Chapter 11: Recuperation Period
Dr. Eggman and Lord Brevon stared at the blank screen before them in utter horror and anger. They knew what the blank screen meant. It meant that visual contact with Mecha Lilac had been terminated and if it had been terminated, it could only mean one thing. They had even seen it before the screen had gone blank, a beam shooting at Mecha Lilac. The moment the beam had hit her, the screen had gone blank. This meant that Lilac had been de-roboticized. And chances were, Sonic had been restored to normal too. Their beautiful plan to terminate their hated enemies had just crumbled to pieces before them. How could this be?! Their plan was brilliant and flawless! How could it have failed so badly?! And without so much as a dead body on their hands?! Eggman looked as if he was about to explode whereas Brevon clenched his teeth and thumped the control panel in anger. There was nothing more annoying to the two then a plan that was going so well
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Worlds of Freedom Chapter 12
Act 3
Chapter 12: Assault
There was something about the feeling of preparing to battle that neither Mobian nor Avalician would forget. The comparative feeling of anxiety and excitement that coursed through their veins as they neared their opponents and prepared to unleash all hell was a feeling that everybody was used to. Some of them enjoyed the feeling. Others tried their best not to get overwhelmed by it and keep their emotions in check. There were even some who had no emotions when it came to a fight at all. Whatever the heroes were feeling, they didn't matter. Only Eggman and Brevon's defeat mattered and they were there to stop them and restore their doomed worlds before endgame could arrive.
Sonic and Lilac were at the front of the huge army that loomed behind them, waiting to open fire. Thanks to the two keeping their memories of their time as Mecha Lilac and Mutant Sonic, the hedgehog and dragon knew where they were going as they led their teams and armies to the
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Worlds of Freedom Chapter 13
Act 3
Chapter 13: Cancelling the Apocalypse
Despite the heavy onslaughts that the Egg Dreadnought had been receiving, particularly the one that had caused a huge chunk of the front of the ship to be blown out and the control room to be utterly obliterated, two people onboard the ship were completely oblivious about the whole thing. Mainly because they had other concerns to deal with at this moment. Concerns that meant they could hardly afford to worry about anything else at this time.
Dr. Eggman and Lord Brevon were engaged in a brutal battle with one another, both villains fighting for the fates of Mobius and Avalice. One wanted to save them, the other wanted them to destroy each other as they tried to separate and break free of the limbo they were trapped in. And given how big the stakes were, neither Eggman nor Brevon dared to go easy on one another. If they wanted to win this battle, they had to give it their all.
The vicious alien swept across the floor as he charged
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Worlds of Freedom Epilogue
Act 3
Epilogue: Restoration
Sonic the Hedgehog found himself suddenly jolting awake as if he’d come out of a dream. He sat up in his bed and took a look around, slightly panting. He was in his own room. Everything was exactly the way it had been the last time he saw it. That was strange. It felt as if the whole crossing over with Avalice had been nothing more than a dream. But had it been a dream? Sonic wasn’t so sure about that. He remembered everything as clear as daylight from when he first met Lilac to meeting her other friends and even sharing lunch with Lilac. That had all been real, he knew that.
The hedgehog smoothed his fur and swung his legs over the side of the bed. If he was here, back in his own room, in his own home…then that had to mean that the Chaos Control he and Lilac had initiated with the Kingdom Emerald had worked. A tiny doubt nagged him in the back of his head. Did it fail and what he was going to see outside was heaven instead of
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MMD: Princess' Day Out by TheAwesomeNerd MMD: Princess' Day Out :icontheawesomenerd:TheAwesomeNerd 17 0 PowerPuff Girls and Jenny Wakeman by GalaToots PowerPuff Girls and Jenny Wakeman :icongalatoots:GalaToots 64 5 cosmo card by artsonx cosmo card :iconartsonx:artsonx 29 0 'Someday...' by cmara 'Someday...' :iconcmara:cmara 34 38 A Tearful Flower by cmara A Tearful Flower :iconcmara:cmara 32 47 Cosmo walking by cmara Cosmo walking :iconcmara:cmara 32 1 Cosmo: oh dear. by cmara Cosmo: oh dear. :iconcmara:cmara 28 0 Cosmo: wind by cmara Cosmo: wind :iconcmara:cmara 32 2 Cosmo smile by cmara Cosmo smile :iconcmara:cmara 38 0 on the run by cmara on the run :iconcmara:cmara 39 1 'try to catch me, Vector' by cmara 'try to catch me, Vector' :iconcmara:cmara 40 50 Idle-ish Cosmo by cmara Idle-ish Cosmo :iconcmara:cmara 32 10 Seedrian by cmara Seedrian :iconcmara:cmara 40 4 Cosmo walks along by cmara Cosmo walks along :iconcmara:cmara 27 1 Cosmo is unsure by cmara Cosmo is unsure :iconcmara:cmara 26 1 Cosmo here by cmara Cosmo here :iconcmara:cmara 31 0




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In the studio, Dynomutt points to the camera while shocked.

Dynomutt: An unexpected turn of events made by Kagome!

Blue Falcon: Indeed, Dog Wonder. Kagome is not giving up until Inuyasha and Lucy get their medals, which I'm sure they will.

Numbuh 10: And in other Videolympic news, George de Sand won his gold medal after an intense Gundam Fight against Jester Gundam's Romario Monini, winning this rematch from the Gundam Fight tournament last year.

We now see George de Sand raising his gold medal in triumph.

Numbuh 10: It goes to show you, no copycat can defeat the original.

Back at the studio, Numbuh 10 and Dynomutt looked at Blue Falcon, who spoke.

Blue Falcon: That Gundam Fight and that marathon ends the competition here at Videolympic Island.

Then, we cut to the huge torch as he continued.

Blue Falcon's Voice: The Gundam Fight referee, the Mobile Fighter G Gundam Narrator- known as the Stalker- has this wrap-up.

It then showed clips of the previous events that took place in the twelve chapters. The first being Miroku and Kohta fighting over the medal.

Narrator: Well, they all fought for the gold.

It then showed Robin skiing at the Downhill Skiing with his snowboard before winning.

Narrator: But only the great ones take it home.

It then showed Kimberly once more performing on the matt.

Narrator: We saw Kimberly Hart's perfect performance.

It then showed Geo giving Shadow the medal as they both showed the medal with smiles.

Narrator: We saw great sportsmanship personified by Geo Stelar. But, of course, the big story.

It then showed Inuyasha and Lucy running hand in hand together as they run together until they came through the finish line.

Narrator: The unprecedented romantic encounter between first place winner Lucy and first place winner Inuyasha. Back to you, Blue Falcon, Numbuh 10 and Dynomutt.

It then cut to the three with a T.O.O.N. on the screen.

Numbuh 10: Thank you, Mr. Narrator.

Blue Falcon: You know, bringing you these games required the position teamwork, a purge of hundreds of dedicated video game characters working behind the scenes.

It then showed a familiar hippo with a camera while the helicopter was pulling him.

Blue Falcon's Voice: Our isolated cameraman, Murray. Good job, Murray.

It then showed a black horse nearly falling before grabbing the rope seat.

Blue Falcon's Voice: Another of our running cameramen, Horace Horsecollar.

It then showed a turtle in the camera room working on the controls.

Blue Falcon's Voice: In the video truck, Bentley.

It then showed a purple mouse with many birds.

Blue Falcon's Voice: Our statustition, Penelope.

It then showed a gray rabbit eating his carrot.

Blue Falcon's Voice: Our sound rabbit, Bugs Bunny on the big ears.

Bugs then turned on the switch, turning some ears from the bats on.

Blue Falcon's Voice: Good reproduction, Bugs.

Bugs: Eh, it was nothing, Doc.

It then showed a red-nosed wolf named Ralph Wolf cutting the tape, though he was tangled up a bit.

Blue Falcon's Voice: Our tape editor, Ralph Wolf. Tight, Ralph.

It then showed many producers with a sheepdog sleeping a bit.

Blue Falcon's Voice: Countless producers and technicians. And our tireless executive producer, Sam Sheepdog.

It then cut to the three; the robot dog and girl with tears in their eyes as they and Blue Falcon turned from the lit torch to the camera.

Dynomutt: I can't believe it's all over!

Numbuh 10: Me too!

They sniffled a bit as Blue Falcon patted Dynomutt on the head while a song was played as a light cover was heading to the torch.

Blue Falcon: I know, Dog Wonder. Maybe someday, there will be another Videolympics.

There's gonna be a celebration

It was out as the blue superhero spoke.

Blue Falcon's Voice: For everyone on the T.O.O.N. team...

We can see our ships come in

It then cut to the three, trying to act serious and posing while the medal was shown.

Blue Falcon: I'm Blue Falcon.

Dynomutt: I'm Dynomutt Dog Wonder.

Numbuh 10: And I'm Numbuh 10, saying goodbye, and good luck to all you future gold medal winners.

Though we met some competition on the way

It finally cut to Lucy and Inuyasha running together, smiling to one another.

It was tiring it was testing
It was almost never ending

The two then continued their running as a gold medal replaced the sun before the hedgehog inside the medal winked.

But we all pulled through and won the accolades

Kagome's Voice: Inuyasha!

The two turned and saw Kagome biking up to them with Lilo, Stitch, Miroku, Sango, a fox demon boy named Shippo, Kohta, Kilala, Silver, Voltage and Hayner alongside her.

Inuyasha: Kagome! Guys!

Now that we've made it, we've made it to the top
Now that we've made it, we ain't never gonna stop

Kagome: (as she tossed one gold medal while Stitch tosses the other) Catch!

Lucy caught the two medals in midair with her vectors.

Inuyasha: Thanks, Kagome!

Then, while Silver, Hayner and Voltage went their separate ways, the others following the couple waved goodbye to them as the two kissed one another, and then it all faded to black.

We then go to a montage of Silver and Voltage coming to Station Square with two silver medals as they grinned. They ran up to the Sonic Heroes and began celebrating with them for Sonic's gold medal victory.

Now that we've made it, we've made it to the top
Now that we've made it, we ain't never gonna stop

It then showed Hayner being helped by three girls named Naminé, Olette and Xion and three boys named Roxas, Pence and Axel while they were putting bandages on his feet before he hugged the guys.

Hayner: (to the camera) Hey, even my feet were hurting during the race.

He then looked at her silver medal, sighing a bit before the others looked at him with a smile, heading back to Twilight Town.

We've made some friends along the way
We've made some friends and we made the people happy

In another montage, we see the Kids Next Door celebrating their victory at the KND Moonbase while Numbuh 362 hugged her winner, smiling. Numbuh 363, in his prison, frowned like the brat he is while Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 did the most unexpected thing; they kissed each other on the lips.

When we came in number one
And so we've reached the finish
All the races we have won

In another montage, it showed the Kimberly and Tommy, looking at their gold medals with their Power Ranger friends smiling. Then Tommy and Kimberly kissed one another. They saw Mickey and Minnie with their own gold medals along with Donald and Goofy. Daisy, Oswald and Ortensia hugged their friends happily.

It's been a long and lonely battle
And we lost some along the way

It then cut to the Babylon Rogues heading to Station Square with their teammates helping along the way. Afterwards, they joined the Sonic Heroes in celebrating while Woody was carried by his friends and the Babylon Rogues.

But the time has come to hold our heads up high
We had to beat 'em and defeat 'em

Tails, also with the Sonic Heroes, looked at his gold medal before he and Cosmo began kissing each other, and outside the window, they saw Liu Kang grinning at his medal before he and Kitana kissed each other, and then they began heading into a portal to Earthrealm.

Sonic: (smiles) Until we meet again, Liu.

But we never had to cheat 'em
We're the champions who've made it all the way

It then showed Morty heading into the Mushroom Kingdom castle along with Mario, Lilo, Stitch and his whole family.

Now that we've made it, we've made it to the top
Now that we've made it, we ain't never gonna stop

It then showed Giselle reuniting with Robert and Morgan before she and her husband kissed one another, laughing a bit while the little girl hugged the princess happily.

Now that we've made it, we've made it to the top
Now that we've made it, we ain't never gonna stop

All while with Domon, he showed his gold medal to his fellow Shuffle Alliance members, who also showed their gold medals as their crests were showing on their hands.

We've made some friends along the way
We've made some friends and we made the people happy

It then showed all the reporters gathering Dynomutt, using his extendable parts, hanging up a flier for a Wrap-Up Party, entitled "The Big Wrap Party", all while Sasuke showed his silver medal to Naruto and the gang.

Sasuke: It feels good to be back.

When we came in number one
And so we've reached the finish
All the races we have won

It then showed everyone that had participated in the games with everyone laughing, having a party, showing off their medals, and talking about the events, with the losers applauding (except Paul, who looked at Ash with a smirk on his face, proud of him) while the bad guys in the losers were only frowning. Sonia and Geo hugged each other happily before they kissed each other. Luna didn't mind as she walked up to Solo and comforted him for his loss. Solo looked at Luna and blushed a bit, before he smiled and took her hand.

Aang: (pats Morty on the back) Attaboy, Morty! I Knew you could do it!

Now that we've made it, we've made it to the top
Now that we've made it, we ain't never gonna stop
Now that we've made it, we've made it to the top
Now that we've made it, we ain't never gonna stop

Just then, Geo realized something.

Geo: Hey, guys? Are we missing someone?

Naruto: Yeah, where's Robin?

Familiar voice: Right here with a guest from Shangri-La!

Everyone turned and saw Robin with Starfire and the rest of the Teen Titans.

Starfire: Congratulations, one and all!

Donald: (grins, as most of the guests applauded at the titan's arrival) Hey, Robin!

Mario: Great timing, pal!

Robin: Let's get this party started!

Blue Falcon: Then we propose a toast to all who participated in the Videolympics.

All: (except the bad guy losers, raising their glasses) To the Videolympics!!!

And then, the party resumed while Robin began talking with a bunch of guests about the medal he won.

The End

A/N: And that's it for my Animalympics fanmake. Surprising ending, huh? Don't want Inuyasha and Lucy to go without their prizes. Thank you everyone for reading this!
Chapter 12: (With You, I Can Run Forever)

With Numbuh 1's cousin, he looked a little stern.

Numbuh 10: From the beginning, T.O.O.N. has provided you with an intimate look at the Marathon. We knew it would be the pivotal event.

She looked at her hands, continuing.

Numbuh 10: And now, with the continents (makes her hands come together) locked into a five-way tie, and I mean a five-way tie...

The next scene then showed the mountain and the forest.

Numbuh 10's Voice: Inuyasha, Lucy, both hand in hand, Silver, Hayner, and Voltage hold here the destinies of the world.

Inside the forest, the five kept on running as Inuyasha and Lucy continued looking at one another. The five came out of the forest and up to the bridge.

With you I can run forever
With you I can run forever, mmmm

Then, rain began to pour down as the five continued.

'Cause you gotta be my inspiration
Side by side through every nation, mmmm

The next day, it showed a town called Showdown Town with a woman named Humba Wumba peeking out. She looked as she noticed the five coming.

We ride the world just like a roller coaster

The citizens waved as the five smiled to them.

Inuyasha: So this is Showdown Town, huh?

Lucy: Yeah. Wait till L.O.G. give us a tour of this place.

As we take each road and we take each turn you bowl me over

Some more citizens continued waving to the five runners, especially the couple in the lead.

'Cause you gotta be my inspiration

Then, it showed both Lucy and Inuyasha drinking apple juice with small wine glasses while smiling to one another.

Together we can run forever, mmmm

The two were, in fact, holding a small table with a bottle of juice (Lucy carrying it with her vectors) as the ones behind laughed a bit.

Through all the seasons we'll keep goin' on

The five were then outside the town as they kept on running.

Through the wind and rain and the morning dew

The leaves changed colors as some of them flew away while snow appeared.

It doesn't matter baby where we are

It then showed the leaders running in the snow, barely noticing how cold the weather was.

With you I can run forever
With you I can run forever, mmmm

The five then came to a huge city as lights shone all around everyone.

We see the bright lights of the city

The five looked amazed at the city with signs of shows, movies, and other exciting items around shown.

The colors change they rearrange themselves
In different patterns
But it's too crowded in the city

It then showed an hourglass falling down before it showed the morning sun with Inuyasha and Lucy, leaving Silver, Voltage and Hayner behind, passing through the bridge.

And so we leave it all behind
Go on to other places

The two were then shown running through the freeway together. We then cut to a straight path of the freeway with many looping roads while the two took the straight path. It then showed the two running on the ribbon road leading to the gold medal. Just then, the two yelped as they were falling and jumping on the ribbon road that kept moving.

Both: Whoa!

Inuyasha: Let's go, Lucy!

Lucy: Right!

The two, as if like Super Sonic speed, ran quickly as they both ran together toward the road leading to the gold.

With you I can run forever
With you I can run forever, mmmm

It then showed some gold dust before it cut to gold moldings of all the previous winners of the other tournaments before the mouth of Sonic opened up, making the screen black.

There's nothing we can't win together
With you I can run forever

Finally, a light shone as the dog demon with diclonius entered the stadium. The crowd cheered as they saw the two coming in.

With you I can run forever
With you I can run forever, mmmm

Chun Li's Voice: I can't believe these great athletes, who put all their work and effort, would sacrifice themselves for love. This could start a war!

The two came near the finish line before the two cheered and crossed it.

Chun Li's Voice: They're crossing the finish line together!

Adelaine looked at the couple as she spoke.

Adelaine: They just did.

Chun Li went to the two as she shouted.

Chun Li: Inuyasha, Lucy, stop! Come back! The world demands an explanation!

Unfortunately, neither of them heard her as they continued running while three familiar other runners groaned, crossing the line before he fell flat on the floor.

Hayner: (groans) What a race...remind me never to go to this event again.

Voltage: That's a promise, even though Silver and I are as fast as Sonic.

She then turned to the shocked Kohta, who was sitting while looking down in disbelief and outrage.

Chun Li: Coach Kohta, is there an explanation for Lucy's behavior?

Kohta: I had it all planned!

He then showed some merchandises as he continued.

Kohta: Diclonius Track Shoes, Diclonius Dolls, Diclonius Action Figures, Diclonius Think Pills! I do all the training and she throws it all the way! For what?

He took the pills before Silver came and looked at Sango after crossing her line.

Silver: Looks like things aren't going well for them, no?

Sango: Afraid not.

Chun Li: (to Miroku) What about Inuyasha, coach?

Miroku: (takes the microphone) For Inuyasha to steal the heart of a naive young thing, yes. For Inuyasha to forfeit a bare pulling life, yes. (angrily) But for Inuyasha to give up the gold for love?! No! Never!

He stomped on the ground, hitting the microphone while Kohta still look outraged.

Voltage: I am so sorry you two never had a chance to get the gold medal.

Kohta: Gold medal nothing! She just practically dumped me for a demon who is obnoxious!

Silver: Hmph! Well, it sounds like you deserved it for never forgiving Lucy for killing your family. Don't you see? She did it cause she was jealous of your cousin Yuka.

Kohta: (shocked) What?!

Hayner: In my opinion, you are the worst boyfriend to ever be had by her. In fact, you and Yuka don't deserve each other at all. Don't you know that marriage to your relatives- sister and cousin- is illegal?

Kohta: (as he looks down in guilt, starting to cry) What have I done?

Miroku: (as he turned a bit) Kagome, tell Inuyasha he's crazy! You're the one who deserves him, don't you?

But when he turned around, he and Sango noticed something strange. Kagome's not here!

Miroku: Kagome?

Sango: Where'd she go?

Chun Li: (looks at her now empty hands) And where's the gold medal?!

Sango: (shocked, realizing) She didn't!

Familiar voice: So that's why I need Dupe to help out with this, Lilo.

Everyone turned and saw Kagome standing near Lilo, Stitch, and an experiment named Dupe.

Lilo: No problem, Kagome. Two gold medals, coming up! Let 'em have it, Dupe!

Then, the cloning experiment activates a ray from his antenna, and the light gets on the medal. Suddenly, another medal appears and gets in Kagome's other hand.

Kagome: Thanks, Lilo!

Lilo: Our pleasure.

Stitch: Now come on, we gotta give these medals to Inuyasha and Lucy!

Kagome: (as she gets on her bicycle) Hop on and hold on tight, kids!

Lilo: (putting on a bike helmet) You got it, Kagome!

Then she and Stitch climbed on the bike; Stitch getting in the basket on the front. After that, Kagome started pedaling off, following Inuyasha and Lucy. Miroku, Sango and Kohta (who stopped crying while looking in shock and surprise) noticed it and the monk called towards Kagome.

Miroku: Hey! Where're you going?!

Kagome: (calling, as she rides her bike) I'm going to give Inuyasha and Lucy their medals!

Miroku: Wait! You can't do that! Come back! That's not how the Videolympics--

But it was no use, as Kagome kept on going, to the monk's disbelief.

Miroku: (shocked) She wouldn't take no for an answer! She IS gonna give them the medals!

Kohta: Well, don't just stand there! We gotta follow her!

Sango: Kilala!

Then, her demon cat transformed into its beastly form and lets Miroku and Sango on.

Kohta: (as he gets on Kilala, sitting behind Miroku) I'm sticking with you!

With that, Kilala leapt off and began flying, following Kagome, Lilo and Stitch.

Silver: (as he, Voltage and Hayner ran after them) Hey, wait for us!

Voltage: (holding three silver medals) Good thing I got our silver medals!

Hayner: Yep! After all, we did have a three-way tie for second place.

Chun Li: Well... looks like somebody's gonna give Inuyasha and Lucy their medals after all. Back to you, Blue Falcon!

(End of Chapter 12)
Videolympics chapter 12
The marathon comes to an end, along with the summer games, as Inuyasha and Lucy make the biggest decision that will changed their lives forever.
Chapter 11: (Second to Last Events)

Meanwhile, in the locker room, a beaten up Kobra was looking down as a familiar man looked at him.

Yami Yugi: The face tells the story. Kobra has suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of an unrelenting Chibodee Crocket.

Yami Yugi tried motioning the man to the screen.

Yami Yugi: Hey, Kobra. This won't be easy, but I urge you to take a look at this replay and learn from your mistakes.

On TV, Kobra tried hitting the boy, but he was kissed in a Bugs Bunny way.

Kobra: Why, you little--! You'll pay for that, you gay--!

He grabbed Chibodee and punched him toward the rail, but the man twirled and headed to Kobra, hitting his gut.

Yami Yugi's Voice: You left your midsection wide open here, Kobra.

He was then hit on the face, then his head.

Yami Yugi's Voice: There's the snap. He splits you up rights for the extra point.

The man groaned before he was lifted up a bit by Chibodee. The man looked confused while the American Gundam fighter kept punching him until giving Kobra an uppercut, ending the tape.

Yami Yugi's Voice: And then he puts you away for good.

Yami Yugi then glanced at the man with tears before speaking.

Yami Yugi: Kobra, you lost miserably. You let down your coach, you let down your country, you let down your mother, you're a bum mutt, and most importantly, you let down yourself.

Just then, we see Yami Yugi on top of Kobra.

Yami Yugi: And now you can let me down!

He jumped on top of the boy, trying to get down before Kobra frowned to him.

Kobra: Will you just get off me?!

Back in the stadium, Chun Li was showing a gold medal while both Kohta and Miroku glared at her.

Chun Li: There are two great runners in first place, but only one gold medal.

She placed it on before Miroku spoke.

Miroku: Yes, and it belongs to Inuyasha!

Kohta: It's Lucy's! I'll take that!

He pounced on the female, yanking the medal before Miroku tripped and fell to the ground like Chun Li did.

Kohta: Gimme that!

He took the medal before Miroku tripped him and Chun Li went after him.

Miroku: Gimme that thing! Get your hands off of me.

Kagome: Miroku! Knock it off!

Sango: Yeah, Miroku!

Chun Li yanked the medal before it was up on the air. The two coaches jumped to try grabbing it.

Inside another stadium, a chicken named Clara Cluck hit the volleyball in the air before hitting it to a duck named Donald, before passing it to Tommy Oliver, hitting it over the net.

Sweeney's Voice: When you see the precision: Teamwork, the great individual effort to a mad exciting pace, well you'll understand why volleyball is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world.

(Event 18: Volleyball)

On the table, Sweeney grinned as he spoke.

Sweeney: Hello again, everybody. I'm Sweeney Todd. And we've got a surf and turf grudge match here.

On the screen's left side was the duck crossing his arms: Donald. At the other screen was a green alligator wearing a red cape called Boss (A/N: from Disney's Fantasia).

Sweeney's Voice: As the Duckburg Seaducks take on the Toontown Headhunters in a fight for a gold medal.

The gators, meanwhile, were huddled together as Sweeney continued.

Sweeney's Voice: These reptiles are known for their plosive, but smooth offense.

One gator peeked out for a moment before another gator one pulled him back in the gathering.

Sweeney's Voice: Six gators working as one giant crocodile.

The referee named Scrooge McDuck looked around before he blew the whistle. They came out of the huddle, preparing themselves. All while Boss backed away a bit before hitting the ball in the air.

Sweeney's Voice: Team Captain, Boss serves.

Quickly, Donald hit the ball in the air. Tommy hit the ball in the air.

Sweeney's Voice: The pass.

Another crocodile, which looked exactly like Boss, widened his eyes as he noticed.

Crocodile: (yelps) Yikes!! (starts running) Whooaa!!

As he yelled out along with some other gators, he jumped on top of one while Clara jumped as well. (A/N: The same way the soldiers were yelling out as they tried to stop the cannon in Little Nemo.)

Sweeney's Voice: The spike. Good company.

Clara hit the ball as it hit and went to the other side, just as both of them near the net got tumbled and wrapped in the net with the chicken and the croc both screaming.

Sweeney's Voice: Sinks it! Point goes to the Seaducks!

Scrooge only looked a little bored while the Boss (after one of the gators was out) were huddled once more.

Sweeney's Voice: We got a great contrast in sports style here between the extra verdict play of these alligators...

All while the Seaducks prepared themselves.

Sweeney's Voice: And the hard nose methodic style of this team of marines.

Sweeney's Voice: Serving for the Seaducks, Kimberly Hart's boyfriend and gymnastics coach Tommy Oliver.

Kimberly, from the audience, cheered towards her boyfriend.

Kimberly: Go, Tommy!

Daisy Duck, also in the audience, yelled out.

Daisy: You can do it, Donald!

He then hit the ball while another crocodile, trying to pace around, hit the ball back. Scrooge only watched as Sweeney continued.

Sweeney's Voice: Bushteckel returns.

Scrooge only continued watching the ball being hit by each side. All while the ducks gathered and tried hitting the ball any way they can.

Sweeney's Voice: Oh, the opening game's a going now as both teams rally. The gators crossing patterns haven't boiled these Seaducks yet.

Donald saw the ball before hitting it in the air.

Sweeney's Voice: Quick set!

Donald: Get it, guys!

Then, another chicken jumped and hit it over the net.

Sweeney's Voice: Amelie spikes.

Boss: I got it! I got it! I got--

The other gators dodged as the leader croc got cut off while he was hit on the face, sending him all the way out of the stadium.

Sweeney, Kimberly & Tommy: He got it.

Donald: (as he gives Tommy a high-five) Yeah!

Tommy: (as he and Donald get their hands together) Ha ha! I told you we'd beat those crocs! Now both of us got the gold!

Donald: I knew you would be a formidable team player!

Back in the studio, the blue superhero looked at the couple running together.

Blue Falcon: Looks like things are getting serious between Inuyasha and Lucy.

It then cut to a familiar Mortal Kombat fighter along with a familiar son of Mario while Dynomutt spoke.

Dynomutt: Liu Kang, what do you think it all means?

Liu Kang mumbled some stuff as he shouted.

Dynomutt: (confused) Uh... what does that mean in English?

Liu Kang: (speaking properly) What I mean is, Inuyasha probably found something more interesting than a gold medal. And I could say the same for Lucy, since they both have a common goal, and something is going on between them.

Numbuh 10's Voice: Uh, thank you, Liu Kang. Too bad no one else knows what that means. (to Morty) Morty, what about these crazy kids?

Morty: Hey, man, they're going all the way!

We then cut to the stadium as the koopa continued.

Blue Falcon's Voice: Let's go to Sonia with Eli with another struggle between heavyweights from Weightlifting Sega Dome.

(Event 19: Weightlifting)

With Sonia, she looked at the camera while a trophy with Argo lifting it was shown.

Sonia: The beautiful people have gathered here this evening for the glamour and allure of international weightlifting.

She looked back as a voice spoke.

Eli's Voice: Before the night is through, the first Mr. Heavyweight will be crowned.

Then, out came Eli as he looked at the cards with the spotlight on him.

Eli: I know you are all so very anxious, so let's meet our two beautiful finalists.

Then, two spotlights shined on the stairs before two figures, one of them Argo, was shown. The other at the other stairway was a muscular man with brown hair, a brown beard, and wearing only a red hat and a brown jumpsuit. He was known as Andrew Graham.

Eli: Here is Canada's powerhouse, Andrew Graham.

The proud Canadian came down the stairs as Sonia's voice spoke.

Sonia's Voice: Andrew keeps busy in the off season designing and making himself important.

Argo then came down the steps as Eli spoke.

Eli: And the favorite, Argo Gulskii.

A clip of the two familiar people performing was shown.

Sonia's Voice: Argo and Nastasha both work in the circus, just in case some of you forgot. In the off season, they grow strong. And just recently, his fellow Shuffle Alliance members, Domon Kasshu, Chibodee Crocket and Sai Saici won their own gold medals. Will George de Sand and Argo get their own, too?

A very tall, green restaurant building was then shown as it showed some advertising.

Narrator: In addition to the gold medal, our winner will receive dinner for two at the Lucky Duck Restaurant, owned by Daffy Duck, who had stolen one of the Cashbot Cog Buildings and made it his own building and did some redesigning.

It then cut to a magazine with a certificate.

Narrator: A gift certificate for the fabulous Lucky Duck Superstore Catalog.

We then cut to Daisy showing the location.

Narrator: Plus an all expenses paid trip vacation for two at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

It then showed her holding the tickets.

Narrator: And two tickets to every home game and the gardens, businesses, Redskins, Ravens, Patriots, and Steelers!

It then cut back to the two competitors, who shook each other's hands.

Eli's Voice: Our finalists are ready, and they are showing good sportsmanship here.

Argo: Good luck, Andrew.

Andrew: You too, Argo. Good thing we're having our rematch in another way.

Argo nodded in agreement, and then the camera showed a spotlight of a huge weight being lifted up.

Eli's Voice: Each of our contestants will attempt a clean and press of this, oh, excuse me, I mean a clean and jerk. Clean and press is only for the laundry.

Sonia's Voice: Andrew told me earlier in the dressing room that the privilege in competing in this competition was meaningless and all he wanted to do was win for his dead wife.

Andrew then came to the weights before preparing to lift it.

He struggled and almost lifted the weight up, but then, he yelped and screamed before falling to the ground by the weight. He groaned before getting up.

Andrew: Ohh, my back!

Then he lets go of the weight and headed off with his hand to his back.

Eli: Oh, too bad. May we have our next contestant, please?

Argo walked up to Andrew and puts his hand to his shoulder.

Argo: It's all right, Andrew. You did your best.

Andrew: Yeah. Thanks, Argo. Win it for me.

After that, Andrew got onto the medic and some doctors drag it away.

Sonia's Voice: Andrew's being taken away via medic, but he'll be fine. Anyway...

Then, Argo, smirking, headed to the weight, cracking his knuckles.

Sonia's Voice: All the competitors love Argo. Earlier, he was voted Mr. Congeniality.

Argo then stomped his foot down, making the weight jump up in the air before Argo grabbed it, lifting the weight over his head with a smirk. The crowd cheered at the performance. He placed the weight down just as the lights turned on.

Eli: (sing-songy) Here comes Mr. Heavyweight! (normal voice) And here to crown the first Mr. Heavyweight winner at the Videolympics is reigning champion, Alex Louis Armstrong!

Then, a familiar muscular bald man in robes and a crown with some accessories came up before he grinned. He went over to Argo, giving him the items, robe, and crown.

Armstrong: (as he started patting Argo hard on the back) Here ya go, pal! You did a great job in weightlifting!

Argo: (smirks) Thanks. I wanna win this for my crew and wife.

Then he shedded a tear while smiling.

Argo: And especially for Andrew's wife that I failed to rescue long ago.

Sonia's Voice: There he is: The new Mr. Heavyweight: Argo Gulskii.

Argo showed off the champion trophy as Sonia looked at the scene before the camera.

Sonia: This is Sonia Sky, live from Weightlifting Sega Dome.

(Event 20: Fencing)

At the event, a familiar walrus was shown, posing a bit.

Sweeney's Voice: Wally Walrus, cunning, cruel, and dangerous.

Although that so-called muscle of his came down.

It then cut to a red-haired man, smirking. He wore a red unitard that is a part of his white jumpsuit along with light blue shoulder pads and electric braces on his ankles and wrists. The pads and braces all have yellow antennae. He was known as George de Sand.

Sweeney's Voice: George de Sand, handsome, tall, and sacrificial.

He performed some fencing moves as he kept moving to each side.

Sweeney's Voice: He's the only one left. Wally has knocked off everybody else.

When George was done, he got on the platform as both he and Wally prepared.

Wally: En garde, you little fool!

George: Touché, Walrus!

The two began to fight with their fencing swords. George dodged and hit Wally's rear.

Wally: Whoa!

George continued jumping and dodging Wally. Just as George was about to dash again, Wally tripped him.

George: (as he hits the floor) Oof!

Wally: Take that, you French fool!

George: No!

Wally then hit George's tummy with the safety tip of the fencing sword, although it hurt George.

Wally: (smirks evilly) Ha-ha-ha! You stupid Frenchman! No one beats me in this tournament! Now you can go to your "precious girl" and tell her about your stupid miserable loss! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

George: (grits his teeth in anger) You'll pay for this, you cheater!

The scoreboard then showed "Wally 10 and George 1".

Sweeney's Voice: Wally takes home the gold, even though we all hate that. Hmph!

Just as an official was about to reluctantly put the medal on Wally, Sweeney's voice continued.

Sweeney's Voice: Now back to T.O.O.N. and-

Just then, a spotlight hit Wally and the official.

Voice: Stop!

The group turned as they saw something.

Sweeney's Voice: Wait a minute! What's that I hear?

Voice: This time, you have gone too far, Wally!

On the white light, there was a woman glancing at Wally. She wore a blue-green fencing outfit with hints of pink, and high-heeled boots. She was known as Princess Giselle.

Wally: (gasps) Princess Giselle! I thought you're supposed to be in that dump you call a hotel!

Giselle: First of all, never call my new home a dump! Second, I came because I was invited to participate by Neros Urameshi. And third, I was taught how to fence by Minnie Mouse. She's one of my magical friends in the real world. And now, I will vanquish you and expose you so George would never be taken down by a bully like you!

She jumped downward while Wally, frowning, snatched the medal from the official before shoving him down. He quickly got out his sword with Giselle landing on her feet and fighting Wally. Both of them came down the steps as they were in the fencing platform, trying to hit one another. They clashed their blades for a moment, glancing at one another.

Wally: You'll never fence again!

Giselle: You've never fenced before!

Wally then shoved Giselle down. She then got up and noticed Wally coming toward her. Quickly, she acted as she used her feet to push and hit Wally toward the table with forms.

Wally: Unh!

He then grunted before noticing Giselle going toward her. He tried to fight back, but Giselle knocked the fencer away from him.

Giselle: (using her fencer at him) Now, let's see...shall we make it a tooth for a tooth or an (quickly pokes Wally in eye, making him yelp) eye for an eye?

Next, he was shoved to the wall. After that, he gulped a bit, trying to back away, but it was too late as Giselle hit the chest with her sword. He then began crying.

Wally: (crying) No! Not fair, not fair, not fair!

Giselle: That'll teach you for mocking Woody Woodpecker's laugh!

The scoreboard then showed "Giselle 100, Wally 10, and George 1", though Wally's name got crossed out as soon as it was shown. Giselle was then on the area where she made her entrance while George picked up the medal and shouted.

George: Hey, Giselle!

She looked and smiled before catching the medal with her sword, smiling with pride.

George: Thanks. I owe you one.

Giselle: You could just go to the Gundam Fight match against Romario Monini to earn your gold medal and we'll call it even.

George: Yeah. You are one beautiful Disney princess, even though you're also a fighter.

With that, she was gone from the area as George gave her a thumbs-up while watching her depart. As Sweeney's voice spoke, the replay of Giselle against Wally was shown again.

Sweeney's Voice: Look at how Wally almost takes home the gold medal. But the swirling steel, wielded by a vengeful Princess Giselle is too much for a fraud like him. (pauses) And the gold medal goes to Toontown. Now to Blue Falcon, Dynomutt and Numbuh 10.

(End of Chapter 11)
Chapter 10: (A Titan's Return & Love Unite)

(Event 15: Downhill Skiing)

Back in the mountain, a familiar girl and a familiar man looked at the camera.

Sonia: Well, of course, the big story here is the disappearance of Robin.

At the starting line, a person getting himself ready. He was a white man with black hair. He wears a red-and-black ninja and then he puts on a helmet with a red mask and black dreadlocks coming out of the helmet's top. He was known only as Sektor.

Sonia's Voice: Which puts this Mortal Kombat fighter, Sektor, in an excellent position to win the premiere of these excellent games: The Downhill.

It then showed a scene of Sektor, in motorcycle clothes, having an accident.

Sonia's Voice: This crash and burn just last summer almost meant the end to the premiere king of his career when he was a human.

It then showed his crashing in the cover of a Road Track magazine.

Sonia's Voice: Sektor: he was pronounced dead.

We then cut to a scene of Sektor, with some bandages, lying on an operating table with some words appearing that said "Damage: Severe, Replace: Left Rorta, Right Arm, Dipstick".

Sonia's Voice: But through the intensive efforts of dedicated teams of scientists and doctors, he was put back together into a cyborg ninja, designed with one thing on his mind.

Sektor was then seen running on a treadmill while an alien scientist called Jumba Jookiba looked at him.

Sonia's Voice: Speed!

The next scene then showed Sektor skiing through the powerful wind, resisting it. Afterwards, he was shown running through the wind like the Million Dollar Man. A yellow cybernetic ninja named Cyrax was holding a stopwatch while watching, along with a grey one named Smoke, a blue one named Hydro and a green one named Kinetik. When the fan stops, Cyrax pressed the button on his watch.

Cyrax: Perfect timing, Sektor.

Smoke: You'll surely win a gold medal.

Sektor was then seen analyzed by the computers through many technological equipment. The next time he was shown was on a rocket, holding on as he with the rocket went through the rail. It burned the tracks while Sektor was trying to keep calm, especially when his face was slightly altered due to the pressure. He then hit the pillow at the end safely. We then go back to the starting line as Sektor prepares himself.

Sonia's Voice: We're live now. Let's see if his effort pulls off.

The ninja then skied off through the mountain path. He kept on going until he jumped and all of a sudden, something went wrong.

Jimmy Cage's Voice: Here is Mr. Sektor, coming out from that boulder.

Some screws were making him a bit dizzy.

Jimmy Cage's Voice: He's lost it.

The cybernetic ninja then began tumbling in the snow, losing his skis and his shoe in the process.

Jimmy Cage's Voice: This looks bad. A terrible spill.

He then began tumbling down as he was becoming a huge snowball while rolling down.

Jimmy Cage's Voice: He's gonna feel this in the morning.

He then crashed and slid to the finish line before he got up and groaned before falling and losing consciousness. The four cybernetic ninjas ran up to him urgently.

Cyrax, Smoke, Hydro and Kinetik: Sektor!

The robot ninjas got around the red one as Hydro spoke.

Hydro: Are you all right?

Kinetik: He cannot be shut down! We must call Special Forces for help!

Smoke: Yes. Hydro, you and Kinetik go call Sonya and Jax and bring them here.

Cyrax: We'll take care of Sektor.

Hydro: Right.

Kinetik: Affirmative.

With that, the blue and green robot ninjas ran off to call Special Forces while Cyrax and Smoke began tending to Sektor.

Sektor: (groans, as he stood up) Don't worry about me, I'm all right. At least I won the gold medal, I think--

But he got cut off as he fell down to the snow again.

Cyrax: Do not say a word. You need medical attention. Wait for my team to get here.

Sonia's Voice: Let's check out the damage on the replay.

The replay of Sektor's failure was shown as they commented.

Jimmy Cage's Voice: He told me earlier he felt really good about this race.

Sonia's Voice: Maybe they can use him for spare parts.

We then cut to the beginning of the slopes as Sonia spoke.

Sonia's Voice: Well, that about wraps it up here. An anti-climatic finish, the winner in the mediocre time of 1:58.02, from Outworld, the Scandinavian-

Just then, something was spotted in the air.

Sonia's Voice: Hey, wait a minute, Jimmy! What's that in the starting gate?

Just then, a familiar Titan was flying around at the starting gate. Cyrax and Smoke, who were busy tending to Sektor, looked up at the sky in shock.

Cyrax: It can't be!

Smoke: It is!

The boy lets go of his hang glider and falls towards the starting line.

Sonia's Voice: It's Robin!

Robin then landed as he started sliding down the slope with his skis.

Sonia's Voice: And here he comes! Let's see if the Pine Peak incident has broken his spirit.

Robin continued sliding through the snow, doing an air maneuver at one point. He kept sliding and surfing through the snow.

Jimmy Cage's Voice: He's really pouring it on. He seems to have a new spirit and confidence in his abilities we've never seen before.

He swiftly passed by the trees, making it lose the snow. The Titan kept going through the snow and went downhill easily.

Jimmy Cage's Voice: He's got to move his speed for this final event.

The crowd cheered as Robin crossed the finish line with the timer stopping at 1.56.89.

Jimmy Cage's Voice: Look at the time!

Robin opened his parachute before the Titan slowed down and stopped.

Jimmy Cage's Voice: And the crowd's going wild!

The replay was shown as the girl and boy commented.

Sonia's Voice: Let's look again at this grand finish of Robin, who almost missed this race.

Jimmy Cage's Voice: Well, you see, Robin has been gone and come back at the last second. Really setting. Keeping it tight through the finish.

A bit later, the Titan wearing the gold medal prepares his hang glider before Sonia came to him.

Sonia: Robin, you come over here and talk with us?

He turned to her as she spoke.

Sonia: We saw a new Robin this afternoon. Where were you?

Robin only grinned as he spoke, sighing as he looked up at the sky.

Robin: I'm not sure, really. I was in a strange, wonderful paradise, because I had to win this race.

The Titan then began to go up in the air before waving goodbye to Sonia with concern.

Robin: I know I'll never stop flying or climbing until I find Shangri-La.

Back in the studio, the blue-clad superhero looked at the camera while some familiar racers left were shown on the screen, still running.

Blue Falcon: Chun Li is on the marathon course with all the latest in this crucial event.

With Chun Li, she with Ken were looking through their binoculars until the male yelped and fell into the pond. He came back up, all wet with Chun Li merely on his shoulders.

Chun Li: (to the audience) And you thought I would do like Barbara did. Looks like Ken was the one that did.

She then looked through the race as she spoke.

Chun Li: Well, one of these runners has to make a move here in the marathon.

The five kept on running, though the Mobian pikachu was looking like he would pass out in any minute.

Chun Li's Voice: These two in the lead seem to be perfectly matched. Eventually, it's anybody's guess.

Hayner: I notice you are looking tired, Voltage. Maybe you should drop out.

Voltage: No way! Never! I am getting a medal if it's the last thing I do!

Silver: (notices) Look, their thought bubbles.

He, Hayner and Voltage looked as the thought bubbles of both Inuyasha and Lucy were trying to get to each other.

Inuyasha: (in thought) Let's speak of the world in physical exhaustion. But it is paper mache compared to the barrier that keeps me from Lucy.

The thought inside Lucy brings out sticks of dynamite attached to the plunger, putting the former to the left side of the thought bubble.

Lucy: (in thought) It's the only way, my love. We'll be together.

The thought of the diclonius then pulled the plunger and slammed it down hard. Just then, the barrier between the two blasted away before the wave of the explosion sent the two back. They recovered, however, as they smiled, running to each other.

Inuyasha: (in thought) I'll run forever if we can run together.

They came together, hugging one another before kissing.

Lucy: (in thought) I could never run again without you.

Just then, the duo in the lead finally snapped back to reality before looking at one another.

Inuyasha: Lucy? Well, this is awkward, but well...

Lucy: I have a feeling I know what you're gonna say, Inuyasha.

The two then held hands as they grinned to one another, never taking their eyes off each other.

Silver: (sighs) Young love.

However, the sight only stunned the male and female watching the scene.

Ken: What the-!?

Chun Li: Well, from neck to neck, they've gone hand to hand! This could turn the whole Videolympics upside down!

The trio back at the studio looked at the screen featuring the two.

Blue Falcon: Excuse me, guys, but looking at the scoreboard here, the indications are worldwide.

The two leaders only kept on running as they continued.

Blue Falcon's Voice: Is this someone's twisted idea of strategy?

Dynomutt's Voice: If you mean "twisted" as in "pairing idea"...

Blue Falcon's Voice: Don't start, Dog Wonder.

Numbuh 10's Voice: Is this international sabotage?

Dynomutt's Voice: Or is it just fooling around?

The four only continued running as the blue superhero continued.

Blue Falcon's Voice: Regardless, as rumors begin to circulate, we're getting reports of turmoil at corporate stadium and around the world. We'll keep you up to date.

(Event 16: Boxing)

In the locker room, Yami Yugi was speaking through the microphone.

Yami Yugi: With me, one of the greatest fighters of this or any other time, American Gundam Fighter Chibodee Crocket, who had finally fulfilled his American dream.

Then, the camera turned to a man, grinning. He had dark purple hair, brown eyes, and a fighting attitude. He wore a red shirt with a yellow star in the middle, a light blue jacket, dark blue pants, black shoes, and blue boxing gloves. He was known as Chibodee Crocket. The man noticed the camera and began sparring with it while Yami Yugi continued.

Yami Yugi: Champ, shortly you'll be facing the toughest challenge of your long and, I might add, controversial fighting career: the Outworld warrior, formerly from Earthrealm, Kobra. Champ, take a look at the monitor and feel free, as I'm sure you do, to comment.

Chibodee looked at the monitor, noticing the screen of a grinning man. He was a blond-haired man wearing with huge muscles. He wore a black undershirt, a white-and-black vest, black boxing gloves, dark brown pants and sneakers. He was known as Kobra.

Chibodee: No offense, but that face is almost as ugly as yours, kid. He's too ugly to be champ!

Yami Yugi: None taken about the "me being ugly" comment.

Another screen then showed Kobra training as he was shown knocking a boxing bag off the chains.

Yami Yugi: Anyway, true enough. But I've seen that vicious left hook of his, and Champ, you'd better stop fooling around, and take this challenger seriously.

Chibodee only frowned as he talked to the kid.

Chibodee: Why you talkin' 'bout takin' him seriously? I did everythin' I could t'get ready for this fight.


In a training room, Chibodee was shown running and punching as his voice continued.

Chibodee's Voice: The up 'n down on the hardwood floors...

As he continued, he fell down to a chair, where he was shown noticing the tin lid open up, seeing only a pea, frowning.

Chibodee's Voice:...didn't eat no meat, it lays in your stomach, makes ya fat and lazy and heavy.

Chibodee was then shown checking the scale before smiling at his weight, then he was shown punching a bag before jump roping while running.

Chibodee: Everytime in my career, you're on my back! I've trained hard for this Copra, Oprah, Zokra, - I can't even pronounce his name, that's why I'm gonna whip him so bad, he's gonna look like his last name sounds.

(End Flashback)

Chibodee then looked at the king of games before continuing.

Chibodee: I'm the greatest American champion of all time!!!!

The boxing ring was then shown as Yami Yugi continued.

Yami Yugi's Voice: Thank you, champ. Round 1 of this gold medal bout coming up, after this fast breaking basketball story with Peppy Hare.

(Event 17: Basketball)

It then cut to two animals: a fat cat with a Toontown underneath, and a rabbit with a Looney Tune Land underneath. The cat was a black rat with an angry attitude wearing a black-and-orange shirt. The rabbit was a grey rabbit wearing only a basketball outfit. They were known as Pete and Bugs Bunny.

Peppy's Voice: The great rivalry between the two super worlds is personified by these two athletes. Bugs Bunny, the current captain, right after Michael Jordan's retirement from the team after their big win years ago, of the undefeated Looney Tunes Tunesquad and Pete, center for the Steamrollers. The Nerdlucks, turned to the Monstars and part of the Looney Tunes, joined the Looney Tunes as members of the Tunesquad. Wait a minute, there's a substitution going on.

Just then, the lights turn dark with a lightning Washington Wizards symbol showing on the basketball floor as hard rock music plays.

Peppy's Voice: The Washington Wizards symbol?! Could it be?!

Announcer: The Tunesquad welcome back...

Then, a spotlight shines on a black man in a basketball outfit heading through the audience towards the Looney Tunes.

Announcer: ...Michael Jordan!!!!

The audience began cheering wildly at it.

Peppy's Voice: I can't believe it! Michael Jordan is out of retirement and joining the Looney Tunes!!

Bugs: MJ!

Michael Jordan: (as he high-fives Bugs) Hey, Bugs.

Monstar Nawt: WHOO! I knew you would come, just like we trained, Mike!

Michael Jordan: Thanks, guys. Okay, guys, listen up. We got a tied score, and we need to win this game.

Daffy: Excuse me. Uh, Mr. Jordan, just how did you get here, anyway?

Michael Jordan: A certain mouse convinced me to be a basketball player again, only in the fiction world.

As he said that, he indicates someone in the audience; Mickey Mouse sitting with Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy, doing his trademark laugh.

Bugs: You mean Mickey told you?

Michael Jordan: Yeah. So?

Daffy: (smirks) Well, no complaining about that.

Michael Jordan: (as he and the Looney Tunes put their hands together in a team effort) Okay, you guys ready?

Daffy: All set to take it to the rap, Jack!

Tweety Bird: Those Steamrollers will wish they've never been born!

Michael Jordan: Ready? Let's do this!

Tunesquad: Yeah!!!

Peppy's Voice: And the Tunesquad is ready for action! Okay, tied score, we're down to the last few seconds.

It then showed a scene of Pete bouncing a basketball with a smug look on his face while a referee, a martian named Marvin the Martian was running near him while looking.

Peppy's Voice: Pete moves the ball and to move and serve it to-

Unknown to the smug cat, someone dashed passed him, making the cat unknowingly bounce Marvin.

Peppy's Voice: Oh, and a steal by Road Runner!

The blue road runner wearing a basketball outfit named Road Runner kept bouncing the ball before passing it to a pig named Porky.

Peppy's Voice: Behind to Porky, over to Bugs.

He passed it to the grey rabbit, spinning the ball around before dodging a pig wearing a blue cloak the size of Pete named Ganon, before passing it to Michael Jordan.

Peppy's Voice: It's one on one with Ganon. Passes it to Jordan.

The basketball celebrity jumped over another pig the size of Pete and slammed the ball in the basket.

Peppy's Voice: He's gonna slam it! Two points!

The man landed as he grinned. Bugs then went over to his human friend while the two high-fived one another.

Peppy's Voice: That's the game and the Tunesquad take it!

Blue Falcon, meanwhile, was spinning the ball before tossing it away with Dynomutt watching the screen.

Blue Falcon: Another gold medal for the North Americans!

Dynomutt: With the colossal return of Michael Jordan! Finally, MJ won a basketball game!

Numbuh 10: You said it, Dog Wonder!

The screen then turned to Inuyasha and Lucy, continuing their running and holding hands.

Blue Falcon: Checking on the runners, (slams his fist down) it's incomprehensible! Inuyasha and Lucy are still picking up the pace as they approach the homestretch hand in hand.

Numbuh 10: More details after this commercial break!

(End of Chapter 10)

The best Super Smash Bros. in history is coming!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 13, 2018, 8:08 PM
Boy, oh boy, oh BOY!!!! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Best SSB title EVER!!! And ALL Smash characters in history are back, and there will be more?! SUPER SWEETNESS!!!

First of all, ABOUT DAMN TIME they made Daisy and Ridley Smash fighters along with the Inklings!

With that said, I am proud to present a wishlist of who I would love to see as newcomers to Super Smash Bros. (either official or DLC)!

Amy Rose
Chaos 0
Zavok (Sonic: Lost World)
Sash Lilac (Freedom Planet)
Marina Liteyears (Mischief Makers)
Geno (Super Mario RPG)
Vivian (Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door)
Sora (Well, he did have a GBA game along with a DS game and a 3DS one.)
Kairi (I highly doubt she'd be there, though)
Cylindria (Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures)
Wreck-It Ralph
Vanellope Von Schweetz
Dixie Kong
Tiny Kong
Funky Kong
King K. Rool
Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
Wart (Super Mario Bros. 2/Doki Doki Panic)
Simon Belmont (Castlevania)
Alucard (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
Wonder-Red (The Wonderful 101) (Maybe the rest of the main Wonderful Ones would be alternate characters for him, just like the Koopalings. Or at least they'd be alternate palettes to him)
Spring Man
Ribbon Girl
Min Min
Dr. Coyle
Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)
Agent J (Elite Beat Agents)
Baseball Cyborg (Base Wars)
Agumon (Digimon)
Shantae (Shantae)
Ulala (Space Channel 5)
Survivor (ZombiU)
Banjo-Kazooie (From the game franchise of the same name)
UPDATE: Yooka-Laylee (From the game franchise of the same name)
Isaac (Golden Sun)
Abraham Lincoln (Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.)
Boy and Blob (A Boy and His Blob)
Gunvolt (Azure Striker Gunvolt)
Axem Rangers (Super Mario RPG) - Just like the Koopalings, the Axem Rangers would have to be alternate "costumes". Plus, they could add the Machine Made versions of them as alternate colors.
Giana (Great Giana Sisters)
Lip (Panel de Pon/Puzzle League)
Tommy (Mighty Morphin) - Yes, I know he comes from a TV show, but this character idea would be in honor of Green Ranger vs. Ryu in Super Power Beat Down! His moveset would consist of his arsenal from Power Rangers while his Final Smash would be his Dragonzord attack. Tommy's alternate costumes would be Green Mutant Ranger, Mighty Morphin White, Zeo Ranger V: Red, Dino Thunder Black, Mighty Morphin Red Ranger with Dragon Shield (in tribute to Jason having Tommy's power), Mighty Morphin Black Ranger with Dragon Shield (in reference to Zack borrowing Tommy's shield), and finally, a black and gold version of MM White Ranger.
UPDATE: Lord Drakkon - Echo Fighter to Tommy, but evil with Black Dragon as his Final Smash.
Shovel Knight - His moveset is described here:…
Dr. Luigi - Hey, since Luigi has his own doctor game, why not have him be playable alongside Dr. Mario as the Echo Fighter to him?
Balloon Fighter - Since elements of that game were used in Smash, along with the game used as a stage, why not include the original Balloon Fighter himself as a fighter?
Paper Mario
Plusle & Minun - Imagine them as a playable duo, just like the Ice Climbers.
Mina (Battle Chef Brigade)
Thrash (Battle Chef Brigade)
Ziggy (Battle Chef Brigade)
Kirin (Battle Chef Brigade)
King Hippo (Punch-Out!! (Wii)) - If Little Mac gets to fight along with Donkey Kong, why not include a couple of Punch-Out opponents, too?
Great Tiger (Punch-Out!! (Wii))
Aran Ryan - His boxing glove rope attack would make a good chain that would reach a ledge.
Bald Bull - His Bull Charge could be useful for either his Forward+B move or his Final Smash.
Von Kaiser - His Final Smash would no doubt be the Von Kaiser Wave.
Dragon Chan (Super Punch-Out!!) - If he kicks in his boxing matches, then he'd be a great addition to Super Smash Bros. Plus, one of his taunts would be meditating, which could slightly recover some of his health.

And that's all I have in mind! My list will be updated as more characters come to mind!

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